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About VONN Lighting

At VONN Lighting, we believe that our work stands as a testament to the quality and excellence that we as a company stand for. VONN works on some of the countries most prestigious building, infrastructure and development projects. Here you’ll find a selected list of some of our featured work that we believe best illustrates the skill, ingenuity and commitment to quality that we strive for in every project.

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At VONN Lighting, the marriage between elegance and environment truly happens, brilliantly.  LED lights, whether casual, contemporary, eclectic, modern, transitional, or simply traditional, can make a bold statement in your home, office or hotel. VONN LED lighting is the perfect way to achieve your desired fashion and functional needs. 

VONN Lighting manufactures and distributes unique, technologically sophisticated LED light fixtures. When fashion meets lighting VONN turns conventional light fixtures into extraordinary showpieces creating art in lighting.

As a distinguished watchmaker will say, “behind the accuracy, lies precision.” bVONN follows the same principle because design and function cannot stand short on quality. LED represents innovation and VONN combines LED technology with current trends to deliver a product that goes beyond innovation and creativity.

Beyond the beauty LED brings to a room, the environmental impact is even more stunning. LEDs are energy efficient; therefore, they consume less power than incandescent bulbs. Also, LED lights contain nontoxic and are recyclable, making LED eco-friendly.  Recent studies show that LED lights provide health benefits to migraine sufferers and epileptics since the use of LED tubes leads to a more comfortable experience. In this climate-conscious era, many are working to decrease their carbon footprints. That’s why so many designers and eco-conscious consumers are shifting traditional light bulbs for LED lighting.


  • I was amazed when I came upon this lamp at Home Depot. I've purchased many lamps from THD in the past, but most are fairly pedestrian looking, often being a THD in-house brand. They work, but they don't stand out as extraordinary. The Tania Collection Chandelier from Vonn is something different. This piece truly feels like something entirely custom, a high-end addition to any home. The metal is exquisite, with a smooth finish, and the plastic diffuser is attractive as well.
  • I chose Vonn Lighting for the modern look and I was not disappointed. I have spent *** on my renovation for my kitchen and I wanted my lights to stand out and also match my New Stainless Appliances.These lights are Bright. And really make the kitchen pop. Its the first thing people will notice when they walk in. You will not be dissapointed with the purchase.
    Doug M.
  • Love the look! Of course shopping online is a nerve wrecking, wait until you get it in the mail moment! But, this lighting is really beautiful and fills the room with class. Unfortunately, I was hoping the actual lamps were bigger, but... it still is beautiful! I am glad I purchased this light and would tell someone else to go ahead and get it! For the price and the look.
    Senabella G.



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