3 Tips on How to Choose Wall Sconces for your Home

Wall-mounted fixtures will add character and sophistication to your space. Providing functional lighting and timeless aesthetics, LED Wall Sconces are energy-efficient and environment-conscious solutions with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art design.

Last year, the Biden administration adopted two new rules that set stricter energy efficiency standards for light bulbs. 

While some of the United States has already adopted LED lights, which the Department of Energy estimates last as much as 50 times as long as incandescent bulbs and use a fraction of the electricity, there still is much work left to make a significant change happen. This shift has already driven down electricity spent in homes, saving consumers money and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wall Sconces are known for their unique designs and luxury appeal. From traditional wall sconces lighting to the ultra-modern contemporary ones with modeled lines and angles that do not match their level of sophistication. A drawback of the majority of the lighting system available in years past is the prohibitive replacement cost of replacement bulbs and maintenance. However, LED technology completely removes this worry for the customer, for LED Pendants based on LED technology that has a lifespan almost twenty times that of conventional lighting fixtures. It gives any home or business owner a cutting edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of its long-lasting design and functionality.

Finally, with LED wall sconces, you use a beautiful but environmentally friendly lighting system. With almost zero ray emissions, LED Wall Sconces are also much safer than conventional lighting fixtures. They do not come loaded with chemical elements that are potentially hazardous. With this, you reduce the impact on the global environment, live in a safer home, and have your home or business lighting needs taken care of.

Here are some tips on how to choose Wall Sconces for your home:

Tip 1. Placement - Wall Sconces have the versatility of working in almost every room of your house. You only need to find the place to place it so it fits your lighting needs. 

  • Bedroom - sconces are perfect for saving up floor space if you don’t have much room for a table lamp, a bedside table, or a floor lamp. Make sure the height is just right so you can switch or adjust the light if the sconce you choose is multi-directional, and you’re also not blinded by the lighting if you’re sitting on the bed. 
  • Kitchen - Wall Sconces might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a light fixture for your kitchen. However, they’re the perfect way to complement ceiling-mounted fixtures. You can place them on top of high shelves if you have any or on top of an area that requires more light than the others. It depends on the layout and design of your kitchen. They work perfectly in places where a ceiling-mounted fixture doesn’t reach. 
  • Entryways - you can use Wall Sconces to illuminate your entryway. They can be the perfect source of immediate lighting, especially if you have a table where you place your keys as soon as you enter the house. Depending on the layout of your home, you can install more than one Wall Sconce if you have a long hallway that you’d like to illuminate.

Tip 2. Styling - It is crucial to maintain a cohesive style for your space. Considering the colors, textures, and style you’re using, make sure they all come together. Wall Sconces have a strong character and won’t go unnoticed. 

Tip 3. Functionality - Keep in mind the needs of your space in terms of lighting. Wall Sconces have four styles of lighting. One, they illuminate upwards. Two, downwards. Three, both ways. Also, multi-directional Wall Sconces that can rotate and light the desired space.