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VONN has a Great Selection of Office & Commercial LED Lighting for your commercial application with Innovative Technology. Shop Today and Enjoy Garanteed Low Prices + Free Shipping!

Introducing sophisticated LED Downlights, meticulously manufactured to provide consistent multi-directional illumination. Maximizing the impact of light in your space with adjustable features that will allow the creation of different ambiances.

Exclusive large LED light fixtures that are only available to Designers, offer a unqiue opportunity to create truly bespoke lighting design for their clients. Featuring cutting-edge technology, high-end materials and intricate designs

With a unqiue design of regressed lens and highly engineered luminaire joining design, VONN's Linear Lights allow you to achieve a flexible and createive architextural lighting solution for your space.

Redefine the functionality and freedom with limitless possibilities of creative design wtith LED Curve Lighting,

Only Special Order

Sleek linear fixtures that replace cross tees where lighting is desired, seamlessly integrating into the ceiling grid. This fixture provides a flexible ambient lighting solution for commercial and institutional environments such as offices, classrooms, retail settings and public spaces.

Designed with a floating light engine that spans the light across the bottom of the luminarie, creating a soft and comfortable lighting experience for commercial and institutional spaces including open offices, classrooms, retail and healthcare facilities.

Integrated LED flat panel light, that provides a modern alternative to traditional fluorescent troffers, with an ability to be installed just about anywhere and with multiple installation methods including surface mounted, recessed, and suspended.

Exceptional lighting solutions for parking garages that prioritize safety and efficiency. With cutting-edge LED technology that not only brightens every corner, but elevates your parking facility. Learn more about our professional Garage Lighting solutions.