Add Curb Appeal to Your Home With These Lights

We’ve all heard the saying, “First impressions last.” It’s why we become mindful of our clothes, posture, body language, and more when meeting new people. One wrong move, and you know you’ll be stuck with a less than great first impression for a long time! The same can be said when it comes to our properties. Curb appeal, or your home’s attractiveness when being viewed from across the street, is one of the most important aspects when you want to add value to your home. Indeed, your house instantly becomes more interesting to any onlooker with an appealing exterior. Fortunately, there can be many ways homeowners can do to up their home’s curb appeal. Even simply landscaping, repainting, or even pressure washing the driveway and patio can help boost the property’s attractiveness. For a quick and budget-friendly tip, you can even install new light fixtures. Below are some lights you can add to refresh your home’s look.

Wall Lights

As the name suggests, wall lights are attached to the walls of a house. It’s a popular light fixture to install outdoors, as they are both an attractive and practical choice for homeowners who wish to add curb appeal to their property. When placed on either side of your door, wall lights instantly make your home look more inviting. They can also brighten up any dark corners around the property, keeping your area safe from burglars.

Bollard Lights

If you want to illuminate your pathway, you should definitely consider installing bollard lights. For those who’ve never heard of them, they’re vertical light fixtures that are typically thicker than a post light. Plus, since they stay uncovered, bollard lights are able to shine in every direction, helping guide people to a specific path at night. Furthermore, they can withstand any type of weather. Thus, homeowners looking for a low-maintenance light solution will love them! You can also get LED or solar-powered bollard lights for your property for a more environmentally-friendly option.

Step Lights

We all know how dangerous it is to walk down a set of stairs at night. So, don’t wait for an accident to happen to your home and install step lights. These light fixtures are either placed underneath each step or on the walls beside them. If you wish, you may also attach them near your pool steps for added safety and ambiance during nighttime.


Generally speaking, spotlights are lights that point in a specific direction. They help highlight particular areas in your home, such as statues, plants, patios, or walls. Since spotlights come in different brightness and styles, they are suitable for every type of home. Versatile as they are, these light fixtures require careful planning, though. For instance, you have to be careful not to position your spotlight in a way that may send light directly to your neighbor. For convenience, get adjustable spotlights so you can easily tilt and turn your lights depending on your wants and needs.

String Lights

Install outdoor string lights through trees, bushes, or even around porches to add a more festive vibe to your home. One of the biggest benefits of these types of lights is how you can play around with them. String lights come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can mix and match them according to your tastes.


Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to increase your curb appeal for a fraction of the price. Not only are light fixtures aesthetically pleasing, but they also keep your property safer. Thus, install any of the lights listed above in this article if you want to make a great first impression on any visitors.