Adding Style to Your Home Using Pendant Lights

Are you on the journey of adding style to your home? Pendant lights are a wonderful addition to any home! These lights have a necklace or cord that it utilizes when it suspends from the ceiling. It creates a unique ambiance to a room, it has impeccable functionality, and it ties a room together. Pendant lighting fixtures can enhance the look and feel of a home. You can choose from a wide range of options and design every room in your house with different-styled pendant lights. Read on below to learn more about adding style to every room in your home using pendant lights!

Dining Room

Today’s dining rooms are more casual than the formal dining rooms in the past. Most prefer multifunctional spaces and prioritize room flows and an open concept lifestyle. Thus, more modern lighting fixtures are on the market replacing most of the demand for traditional, heavy, ornate chandeliers. Modern fixtures in the dining room, with a dining table and chairs, can be quite delightful to the eyes.


Kitchen spaces are considered the heart of a home. It is the place where homeowners gather to spend time together and chat. To make a kitchen comfortable, adding small pendant lights in the space can focus on an area. Industrial-inspired pendant lights create an incredible aura in a kitchen.

Living Rooms

If you love the idea of placing the fixture above your bedroom nightstand, then you may also like the idea of hanging it above sofa end tables. A living room area is a place where things are off-center, but in a good way since you can design the space to bring every piece of furniture together. In addition to placing it above the end tables, you can also set it above sitting areas or in the middle of the room. The placement will depend on the look and feel you want your living room area to have.


You can also include pendant light fixtures in the bedrooms! Indeed, we tend to simplify the style in this space, but including pendant lights in a bedroom can truly glam it up while ensuring that the style remains a place to be comfortable. You can place the fixture of your choosing above your bedroom nightstands; it’s preferable that the ceiling is 10 feet or more. It also saves a bit of the surface space in your bedroom since there would be no need for a table lamp if you hang a pendant light above your nightstands.


Foyers are the place where people enter and leave your home. Naturally, it would be better to use light fixtures that are open, airy, and minimalistic. Materials like metal and wood are just suitable for this area because of their simple design. Pendant lighting fixtures are a statement piece which is another excellent reason to add this lighting to a perfect ceiling height.


There’s a reason why pendant fixtures are a designer’s best friend! These lighting fixtures can add a unique and elegant glow to a space. Thankfully, it comes in different materials, designs, sizes, and types of lights. Keep in mind that each room in your house has a different function. Thus, it also has a distinct ambiance; to maintain this, be sure to choose a pendant lighting fixture that suits each room.