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The architectural trends for 2020 are committed to sustainable architecture and development in response to the evolving society evolving towards environmental commitment and architectural trends, as a social manifestation. The linking of rooms in the building uses different materials that offer multipurpose open spaces. Consistent decoration of the entire room is to offer space and light. Architectural trends are giving more prominence to the kitchen not to be just a place for preparing food and eating but also to offer spaces for children to play and guests to stay. The bathroom has for long been preserved as just a place for personal care, but new trends are adding relaxation functionality to the bathroom. They will be designed as spas with whirlpools, saunas, and hammocks. The shower contains either a screen or a hydro massage cabin. Furniture in the bathroom is simple with storage capacities. Floor and wall decoration for 2020 architecture will be covered with high-quality tiles imitating different objects. The interior design will have shades of white combined with other colors like grey or black to reflect light for luminosity and visual expansion. A properly conditioned terrace and balconies to be enjoyed all the year will be enabled through glass curtains which can be opened in good weather. Other trends purport to increase the sunlight entering the house and minimize the noise from outside. A contract concept is another trend that creates multifunctional space for collaboration and teamwork by eliminating wall petitions between rooms or adopting glass walls.