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Best luxury fixtures you should buy if you have the budget

It's the 21st century, and dull, bland lights are out of the question. Today's market is flooded with various lighting styles and fixtures for one to stay tethered to traditional functionality. Modern-day lighting solutions have impressively diversified over the past decades, stretching well into flexibility, durability, style, and aesthetics. Frankly, you can have it all, so why settle when you can splurge on a standout fixture?

Four luxury fixtures for the modern homeowner

The lighting world is home to some unique lighting fixtures, some more grandeur than others. For homeowners with a knack for glam and luxury, deluxe lighting structures are worth considering if you have the penny. Let's take you through four of the swankiest lights money can buy.

Custom chandeliers

Once a symbol of stature and affluence, chandeliers are, to date, the most luxurious lighting fixtures in the world. These delicate ceiling-hung structures exude personality and elegance, making them the centerpiece of every room they're introduced to. Whether you place your bets on a classic crystal candelabra or take the contemporary route with linear LED chandeliers, these fixtures are guaranteed to make your space look like a thousand bucks. If your pocket allows it, go the extra mile and have your chandelier customized, you’ll thank us later.

Cluster pendants

Cluster pendants are the luxury lighting staple for decor enthusiasts. Ideally designed by interconnecting several pendant fixtures, this downlighting structure presents an implausible upgrade from the ordinary single pendant. Unlike your regular pendant, a cluster pendant setup offers broader light coverage, and while they cost more, there's no comparing the symmetrical balance they bring to a space.

Abstract floor lamps

Coming in third place are floor lamps; these conveniently portable light fixtures are making their mark as stylish home additions, and we're here for it. Crediting most of their popularity to their tastefully elegant forms and impressive material range, floor lamps are an easy vote for the home luxury connoisseur. Might we suggest making a bold call with floor lamps? Gamble your choice with an abstract or asymmetrical-shaped floor lamp to have that splurge stand out.

Textured sconces

Home luxury connoisseurs and experts never pass up on a good lighting sconce- especially when it's textured. Explore the range of this wall-fitted structure to add that much-needed glam to your bare walls. Often tailored to uplight or downlight a space, wall sconces bring an unmatched visual effect to their subject. Take a bold leap toward luxury lighting with textured sconces; say, a concrete or bark finish fixture to break up that smooth wall finish.

Wrapping up

Lighting is an integral component of any living space; this is the element that dictates the color palette visibility, texture clarity, and theme reflection of an area by nightfall. While that's the most prominent driving force behind most homeowners' lighting choices, one has to acknowledge that lighting fixtures do more than illuminate our accommodations. When exploited to its fullest potential, a lighting fixture can change a room's entire feel and outlook, making it glam and luxurious. The trick is knowing where to look; this guide is a great start.