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Cool ways to use LED lights

LED lights are revolutionary; they are the avant-garde of lighting solutions. Light-emitting diode fixtures have changed the game with their cost efficiency, durability, and energy efficiency features, taking the lighting world with a buzz, but that’s not all. Beyond the illumination card, LED lights have a lot more to offer. Whether you’re after home or commercial lighting solutions, LED lights have an edge you’re yet to explore. Don’t limit yourself to essential things when you have a pool of endless possibilities to draw inspiration. We look at five ways LED lights bring that extra spark to your space.

Statement décor piece

LED lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes and styles for traditional and reserved personalities’ bold and edgy taste. While most lighting fixtures are functional, there is still room for a bit of décor play. If you’re up for a little tasteful distortion, the asymmetrical LED fixtures make the statement for you. Contrastingly if you’re more of a classic at heart enthusiast, LED crystal chandeliers will add that spark of elegance to your room. Don’t tone down your taste to blandness with LED lights; the space ultimately reflects you- go big or go home.

Bathroom vanity

From classic to the modern and contemporary age, bathroom vanities have been a thing; and they are here to stay. Embracing LED lights will not only enhance your grooming experience but also boost your property value- and who doesn’t want that? LED bathroom mirror lights are a catchy modern-day interior design addition you don’t want to miss out on- these enhanced lighting fixtures give a softer lumen with a brush of sophistication. Better yet, incorporate some LED bulbs all around your bathroom mirror for a Hollywood touch.

Cinematic feel

I don’t know about you, but moody lights are a vibe. Unlike traditional lighting options, LED lights have advanced features and design adjustable to create ambient moods. Dimmable features and the light changing feature of LED lights give them an edge over most fixtures. Strip lights, for instance, are especially suited for outdoor decking and in-house cinema experience. Lining up those LED lights on your screen to a dimmed setting is one sure way to spice up those family movie nights. You can also use wall lights to create that movie theatre ambiance. Why pay for the theatre when you can transform your living room into one?

Intensify artwork

Lighting is an art, and you can manipulate it to get impeccable results. Illumination is the whole game; however, illumination and shadows go hand in hand. While casting shadows bests the purpose of installing your lighting fixtures, not all shadows are undesirable. Create aesthetic shadows by angling your lights upwards or downwards. Sculptures, in particular, come alive with upward lighting, whereas dark paintings intensify with a downcast light. Play around with your lights to highlight different aspects of your space.

Complementary lighting

Primary lights might get the job done, but they are never just enough. Layer up your lighting to add that glowing wow factor to your space. You might want to invest in some stand-alone LED fixtures to complement that glaring pendant in your living room. Better yet, utilize that LED swing fixture in your illumination source for your reading book. LED lights are diverse, coming in various styles, features, and shapes to choose from. Rather than stick up LED bulbs around your space, opt for something that reflects on your personality and matches your décor. Your lighting choice significantly impacts the visual appearance of a room. LED fixture’s placement, materials, and angles can give you desired effects with a bit of manipulation. Unlike most traditional lighting setups, LED liberates you to bring your inspiration to illuminated life.