From Miami to Dubai

As lighting continues to evolve, we evolve as well. We are proud to announce that we are expanding to the UAE, with a new Headquarters located in Dubai. The UAE LED Lighting market is booming. In 2014, the government banned the sales of incandescent bulbs in the region, which created an opportunity for the LED lighting market to grow. With a couple of government initiatives, the focus is on sustainability and environmental protection. These standards were recently set in the United States as well, in favor of LED Lighting. The growing awareness of the benefits of LED lighting, which include; no mercury usage, less emission of CO2, and the savings in energy usage, are making the product attractive to the masses. There are numerous projects across the various emirates. The increase of awareness for environmentally friendly lighting products in the region and government initiatives and investments to change the traditional lighting system with LED products create a significant opportunity for VONN to step in. One of the lighting trends for 2022 in Dubai is bold and statement fixtures to enhance your interior design project. With brass accents, eccentric forms, and glass features that bring glow and timeless elegance to the space. VONN fits perfectly into this vision with our Artisan Collection, with an emphasis on design and function, these handcrafted masterpieces create a distinctive and futuristic effect while preserving the elegance and style of the past.