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Have You Considered These Types of Lights in Your Home?

In incorporating items for your house, whether you have recently moved or are planning a makeover for your home, lighting is one essential element that can make or break your house’s aesthetic. Lighting, albeit important, is more often overlooked because it is considered an item of function rather than for design. Lights are generally made for illuminating spaces, but as a homeowner, you can maximize their usage and take advantage of good lighting in your abode. Here is the type of lights that are ideal for your home, particularly for each room or space that you have:

Living Room Lights

The living room is always the central portion of the house where you would have your guests sit or have the family gathered around to do activities together like watching tv or chilling out. When choosing lighting fixtures for your living room, you must pick those that could give a homey, warm ambiance to set the mood for comfort and, at the same time, set the tone for whatever activity you want to have in your living room. Up for movie night? Dimmable lights are perfect as they can be set according to your lighting needs. You might not want to have lighting that would be brighter than your tv screen, nor too dark that you won’t be able to see your companions or surroundings. Lamps are also ideal as they illuminate the room, but they also add design value.

Bedroom Lights

Although you might spend a significant amount of time sleeping in your bedroom, it does not mean that you should neglect considering what lighting you would have in the room. Good light fixtures provide a warmer tone and feel to your room, which induces relaxation and warmth to aid in your slumber. Bedside lamps are also great for reading a book or scrolling through their gadgets right before bed. Scones are also ideal as they can be placed in the bedside area. The perfect placement for scones is facing upwards and should be at eye level. Ceiling fans are also a great addition as they can serve multiple purposes for your bedroom.

Dining Area/Kitchen Lights

These two areas are often put together in one space. It is essential to utilize lighting at its maximum capacity to provide illumination to these two adjunct rooms. Natural light is always a good idea, so open windows are a must when the sun is up outside throughout the day. Ambient lighting with a decorative design such as mini pendant lights, strip lights, and puck lights are suitable for providing brightness to your kitchen. Hanging lights are also an excellent addition to your dining area, and a chandelier would add that instant pizzazz and class to your gatherings over a multiple-course meal with your guests and loved ones.

Bathroom Lights

For bathroom lighting, hanging lights are ideal as you would not want to have lighting fixtures that you might accidentally knock over. This might be detrimental as you cannot prevent your counters or floors from being wet, with the danger of being electrocuted or breaking these lights while you slip. For those who like to do their skincare routine or makeup, white light is always the best to match with your mirror. You may opt for sconces with glass lenses if you want to get a little fancy. These are also great fixtures that you can set up by your toilet or bathtub.


As they say, quality is superior to quantity, which also applies to lighting for your house. You need not have so many lights to brighten every single room. A few that suit your needs and provide the ambiance and feel are enough to bring light and life to the place you call home.