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How To Choose A Quality LED Bathroom Mirror

LED mirrors are great accessories, especially in the bathroom — one of the most personal spaces we have at home. But how can you find a high-quality LED bathroom mirror? What things should you consider? In this article, we provide you with useful insights into how to choose the best LED bathroom mirror for your house. Check them out.

Mirror Size

Before buying a LED bathroom mirror, measure the dimensions of your wall first — this is practically the first step in every furniture/appliance project. The size of your LED mirror should complement the size of your bathroom. The general rule of thumb is that if you have a small bathroom, it’s best to buy a large mirror — it makes your bathroom look big because of the reflection. Plan the space on which you’ll install the LED mirror. Here, you’ll enjoy much flexibility because LED bathroom mirrors come in a wide variety of sizes.


Your choice of LED bathroom mirror should compliment the decoration and appearance of your bathroom. Since these mirrors come in various sizes and shapes, take time to research what design perfectly fits your bathroom. Try searching online for mood boards and Pinterest posts to get ideas and inspirations. You’ll almost surely find something that looks like your own bathroom. You can also ask your friends for their opinions: what design do they think fits your personality? Your interior design? Take all of these into consideration when thinking about your desired mirror design.


Some LED bathroom mirrors only have a turn on/off function. However, it’s better to opt for one that has a dimmer switch and other extra controls. The good thing about dimmer switches is that they let you control the intensity of the light. You can adjust the LED mirror’s brightness depending on the natural light available in your bathroom. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of your bathroom lighting preferences.

Energy Consumption

LED bathroom mirrors use electricity to function, and while LED lights are known for their efficient energy use, it’s always better to research your options. Some LED lights have innovated more energy-saving ways of producing light. Ensuring that you purchase energy-saving lights help you save more money in the long term.

Glass Quality

Enough about the LED light — what about the mirror itself? The glass used in LED mirrors is different from traditional mirrors. LED mirrors are often made of high-class panels that boost the user’s reflection. On top of that, the magnification of mirrors vary piece to piece, so pay attention to this before making a purchase. LED bathroom mirrors are constantly in contact with soap, water, and other products, so buy a durable one.

Why Choose LED Bathroom Mirrors?

LED bathroom mirrors have more accurate color temperature and tint, so you don’t get a biased view of your face. Yellow lights from incandescent bulbs often distort the true color of your skin and other things. LED lights are also longer-lasting than traditional lights. They require less maintenance and upkeep, and you rarely ever have to replace them. On top of that, they don’t tend to overheat, preventing the risk of burns.