How to choose LED Wall Sconces for your home

With an approach that heightens the style of your home, LED Wall Sconces add character and sophistication to your space. Providing functional lighting and timeless aesthetics, VONN LED Wall Sconces are a perfect way to cohesively highlight the important design details of your space.

Wall Sconces feature a timeless prestigious look. They bring a distinctive feature to your space with both ambient and task lighting. VONN LED Wall Sconces are meant to cohesively highlight and create purpose lighting to the room. Here are some tips that will make choosing a Wall Sconce a lot easier.

How to choose LED Wall Sconces

Tip 1. Placement – Wall Sconces have the versatility of working in almost every room of your house. You just need to find the place to place it so it fits your lighting needs.

  • Bedroom – sconces are perfect for saving up floor space if you don’t have much room for a table lamp, a bedside table, or a floor lamp. Make sure the height is just right so you’re able to switch or adjust the light if the sconce you choose is multi-directional and you’re also not blinded by the light if you’re sitting down on the bed.
  • Kitchen – Wall Sconces might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a light fixture for your kitchen, however, they’re the perfect way to complement ceiling-mounted fixtures. You can place them on top of high shelves if you have any, or on top of an area that requires more light than the others. It depends on the layout and design of your kitchen. They work perfectly in places where a ceiling-mounted fixture doesn’t reach.
  • Entryways – you can use Wall Sconces to illuminate your entryway, they’re the perfect source of immediate lighting especially if you have a table where you place your keys as soon as you enter the house. Depending on the layout of your home, you can place more than 1 Wall Sconce if you have a long hallway that you’d like to illuminate.

Tip 2. Styling – It’s important to cohesively illuminate and style your space. Take into consideration the colors, textures, and styles you’re using, make sure they all come together. Wall Sconces are very strong fixtures, they have a strong character and won’t go unnoticed.

Tip 3. Functionality – Keep in mind the needs of your space in terms of lighting. Wall Sconces have 5 styles of lighting. One, they illuminate upwards. Two, they illuminate downwards. Three, they illuminate both ways. Four, they illuminate all the way around the fixture. Also, there are multi-directional Wall Sconces that can rotate and illuminate the desired space.