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How to Style LED Chandeliers and Pendants

VONN’s new arrivals are a continuation of the Artisan Collection. While the collection appears contemporary, its unique design elements complement both traditional and modern decor. These handcrafted masterpieces have a lightweight construction and can easily be installed in minutes. The Artisan collection is inspired by the beautiful cities of Italy, specifically shown in the attention to detail behind handcrafted fixtures and delicate finishes. The collection uses a delightful variety of colors and finishes to create a distinctive and futuristic effect, all while preserving the elegance and style of the past. The design combining mixed material: glass, fabric, and metal, is what makes Artisan Collection one-of-a-kind. With new products debuting soon, here are some ideas on where to place the upcoming fixtures. Genoa LED Chandelier Whether you are looking for an LED Chandelier to grace your living room, set the tone in your dining room, or add character to another room in your house, LED chandeliers are the classic choice for making a memorable impression on your guests.
  1. Dining Room – Be sure that the LED chandelier is centered over the kitchen, dining table or coffee table and not in the middle of the room. If you have a hutch or sideboard against one wall, as most people do, your table will likely be placed slightly off center in the room, and everything will look off if the LED chandelier hangs exactly dead center on the ceiling.
Genoa LED Pendant LED Pendants are a perfect choice for fixtures that create ambient lighting as well as task lighting. Whether you wish to illuminate the room or just highlight pieces of art or furniture. The number of pendants you need depends on the size and purpose of your space
  1. Bedside – LED pendants are a great way to save up space on your bedside table. If hanged at the right height they are, they are perfect for reading as well as task lighting. It will have the same functionality as a table lamp but with a space-saving advantage.
  2. Dining room – You can usually find pendants above your kitchen counter, however, the Genoa LED Pendant is just the right size. You can hang a few of them above your dining table and create your own masterpiece and it won’t look crowded.
  3. Accentuate – Pendants are a great way to accentuate architectural areas as well as pieces of furniture and art. Its clean lines and details complement any space that you wish to highlight.