Jungle Island Luminosa Festival of Lights is considered to be a Chinese festival of lights organized in Miami that allows enjoying the atmosphere and spirit of Chinese culture through light. According to the official site of the festival, it points to the exceptionality and uniqueness of the festival that points to the spirit of lighting. “Be transported to a lush jungle illuminated with breath-taking displays that are larger than life. Traverse through hundreds of artistic lanterns highlighting the spirit of Miami with an ambiance and vibe found nowhere else in the world” (“Luminosa – Chinese Lantern Festival in Miami,” 2019).

Basically, Jungle Island is the abundance of plants and animals created due to lighting that represents Chinese culture. Viewing the beautiful elements of the festival, it is not difficult to trace the prominence given to LED lighting that allows working with different colors in different forms. The plants are successfully decorated with LED lamps that create an atmosphere of mystery during the festival. The lights are changing and constant regardless of their purpose for the overall construction that is achieved through lighting. Thus, LED lighting serves as not only the basic element of the design of a home but a useful tool in organizing such festivals as the Jungle Island Luminosa Festival of Lights in Miami that is expressive and colorful.