LED Bathroom Mirror Care Tips

If you’re thinking of having a LED bathroom mirror, one of your priorities should be keeping it squeaky clean. In this article, we’ll talk about what illuminated mirrors are, how to clean them, and what other ways you can use to prolong their beauty and life. 

What are LED Bathroom Mirrors 

LED bathroom mirrors or illuminated mirrors are often categorized into two types: backlit mirrors and lighted mirrors. The key difference between the two is the LED lights’ positioning. 

Backlit mirrors have light bulbs installed behind the glass, while lighted mirrors have the bulbs on top of or beneath the surface of the glass. 

Either way, illuminated mirrors run on electricity and provide better features and aesthetic functions than normal mirrors. They’re exceedingly useful to any bathroom and offer a wide range of functions. 

What Materials to Use 

The most common and effective item to use when cleaning a LED bathroom mirror is a piece of microfiber cloth. This material is lint-free and absorbent. They also dry quickly, so you can easily clean mirrors with it.

Other materials you can use include rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and a glass cleaner. Glass cleaners can be homemade — a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar — or you can buy one in a store. 

What NOT to Use 

Never use abrasive materials when cleaning mirrors as they can damage your mirror, illuminated or not. Newspapers also don’t make the cut anymore, since inks used in today’s newspapers tend to leave dirt and residue on the mirror’s surface. This results in streaks on the glass. 

Paper towels also don’t work since they tend to leave small pieces of lint. You’ll have to clean the mirror again right away. On top of that, paper towels are wasteful unlike microfiber cloth, which you can  use over and over again. 

Simple Steps for Cleaning LED Bathroom Mirrors 

To clean your illuminated bathroom mirror, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Place a few drops of alcohol on the cotton ball

Find any grime, dirt, or splatters on the mirror’s surface. Then, place a few drops of alcohol on a cotton ball. Rub the dirt away using the cotton. 

  1. Spray with glass cleaner 

After wiping, spray the mirror with your purchased or homemade glass cleaner. Avoid overspraying — you don’t want to drench an illuminated mirror. Aim to form a mist on the surface. 

  1. Wipe the mirror with microfiber cloth 

Fold the microfiber cloth into four quarters to maximize your available cloth surfaces. Begin wiping the mirror at the top right corner and work your way toward the left corner. 

Then, wipe downwards in a zigzag pattern until you reach the bottom of the glass. This pattern of wiping prevents any streaking on the surface. 

If the mirror is still hazy, use the other side of the microfiber cloth to wipe the mirror again. Always make sure to move in a zigzag pattern. 

  1. Check for any Markings 

After wiping the entire mirror, check for any leftover dirt, grime, or markings. Look at the mirror at various angles to see such markings. If you find any leftover markings, spray them with the glass cleaner and buff them using the microfiber cloth until they disappear. 

Other Tips to Remember 

To extend the life of your LED bathroom mirror, always remember the following tips: 

  • Don’t touch the mirror with your wet hands, and don’t wipe the mirror with a wet cloth to prevent moisture from entering the glass’ surface. 
  • Avoid putting the mirror in contact with grease, acids, or salt — these materials can easily corrode the mirror. 
  • Turn off the LED light when the mirror is not in use. 
  • Don’t leave anything too hot or too cold near the illuminated mirror since such things can damage its lights.