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Living space looking outdated? Consider these options

Spaces grow on us, the feel, the details, the character, and while this comfort is what turns a house into a home, it can get monotonous. Our living spaces would stay charming throughout the decades in an ideal world, and chintz wallpapers would still be in style. However, as time goes by, we outgrow that old home touch and have an occasional inclination to shake things up a little bit- and that’s okay. So, whether you’re looking to transform your aged property completely or are on the lookout for subtle home improvement ideas to refresh your space, below are some actionable pocket-friendly tips to consider.

5 easy home improvement tips and tricks

Bring the outdoors in

Nothing breathes life into your living space like some new plants. The blooming peonies and thriving ferns are one way to spruce up your home as they leave a footprint on life. Get some potted house plants for a delicate touch and a perfect opportunity to show off that gorgeous pottery vase you’ve had stashed away. Need we also mention how a touch of greenery is an aesthetic on its own?

Fresh paint coats

Chances are you’ve heard this before, but here it goes again- a fresh coat of paint is the oldest trick in the home improvement book. Color has a way of opening up and reviving bleak spaces; think of it as you would a new dye job- it switches the entire identity. So go for bold colors if you’re feeling edgy or neutral palettes if you want some grounding and a sense of tranquility in your home. A splash of color on your kitchen cabinets, walls, or doors will have your space unrecognizable in no time.

Modern chandeliers

Sometimes all you need to bring your space to life is illuminance- and what better way to do this than a modern chandelier. Chandeliers are timeless statement pieces that will guarantee you more than just essential lighting; they bring with them an undeniable wow factor. You’re in for a treat with the wide range of styles, shapes, and textures modern chandeliers offer. Be it an industrial, oriental, or classic inspiration driving you; there’s a chandelier fixture that’ll perfectly complement your theme.

Updated outlets and switches

Builder-standard electrical switches and outlets are functional; however, they are boring. Give your sockets, and light switches an upgrade with new plate covers that effortlessly match your walls and wallpapers. In addition, outlets, plates, and switches tend to yellow over time, while the wear often gets overlooked; consider a replacement for a refreshed touch.

Rugs and wallpapers

You’d be shocked at how much a difference throwing on a rug can make. For most homes, rugs are a foundation for the décor direction. Make a point of investing in bold colored carpets to match your dark theme or solid color for a harmonious balance. Additionally, you can forego the paint and shop for modern wallpapers that would blend into your home. Wallpapers are fun, stylish, and versatile, making them the perfect DIY project for your home.

Bottom line

Change is good; it gives room for new perspectives. Even with a great deal of appreciation for the aged appeal, there is always room for change. However, home improvement projects do not have to rewrite your entire space; the idea isn’t to take away from it but to breathe some personality instead. Take refreshing home solutions as a way to express identity into your living space; only then can you switch things up without losing touch with the core. Let go of the urge to keep up with contemporary décor trends; instead, go for revitalizing what you already have. Well, unless you’re up for a full-on makeover, minor additions and substitutions will do just fine.