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Most Common Lighting Fixtures in 2022

Every homeowner dreams of a house unique to each one's style and preference. Undeniably, lighting is a crucial component that can make or break your desired aesthetic and feel for your home. Hence, it is vital to keep up to date with the typical light design and fixture trends that can give ideas to owners who want to add flair to their personal spaces.

2022 is the perfect time to let some light into your home. Here are some popular and common lighting fixture ideas that experts and designers predict to continue to brighten this year:

Going Vintage with Period Lighting

Etsy's design prediction for 2022 revealed a significant 344 percent increase in web searches for keywords "70's lighting", 25 percent for "vintage lighting," and an additional 22 percent for inquiries about colorful lighting. You can glean that everyone will expect the resurgence of period lighting for 2022.

What can be expected with 70's vintage lighting? Statement pieces are always part of this equation - from sculptural pieces such as mini pendant lights to sconces. This consists of anything that is a standout statement that reflects the designer or homeowner's style. Retro is indeed here to stay.

Infuse Nature Elements with Home Lighting

The current pandemic has made people more in touch with nature, which also influenced their preferences as to what they want to add to their homes. The Japanese "wabi-sabi" style has become popular, infusing outdoor natural and organic elements by adding leaves, antlers, or floral designs on lighting fixtures inside the home.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Closely related to the previous item, environment-friendly initiatives, even when it comes to lighting designs, are one thing that can't ever go out of style. Thus, fixtures that incorporate natural, eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, wood, and glass are everyday items that are still trendy this year. Lamp covers are another example, as more manufacturers opt to use natural fabric rather than synthetic cloth or plastic.

This trend, however, goes beyond just the materials used for lighting fixtures. It can also be seen in the shapes of the light designs as well - bulbs in leaf-shaped designs, glass lamps in teardrop shapes, chandeliers with branch-like designs, and other forms that resemble natural themes.

Minimalist Design and Thoughtful Use of Space

In the current decade, minimalism reemerges as a design trend that never seemed to go away until this present day. This trend still dramatically affects people's choices, capitalizing on function over form. Minimalist features consist of living with less - hence no fuss, less clutter, and less expense.

Incorporating this with light fixtures, simplicity of form is a feature that is expected to be commonly preferred this 2022. For one, nordic style lighting has a minimalist take as it is mainly characterized by clean lines and warm, diffused lighting rather than harsh and bright neon lights. Nordic-style lighting also focuses on strategically placing floor and table lamps that do not take up too much space and give off intense and excessive light.

Back on Black

Some designers have started to veer towards black light fixture designs in 2021, and it seems like this will continue to be more commonly seen this year. Fashionable chandeliers clad in black designs and accents can be seen adorning home design spreads and websites, as it provides a modern and simplistic yet elegant feel to any home space.

With a matte texture, Graphite is in for this year and goes well either with chandeliers, as mentioned, or lampshades with a cone shape. These black lighting fixtures will look great in rooms with bright lighting and are great additions to a loft or any space with a minimalist interior.


Light fixture designs may come and go, but some styles would continually stay through time or even reemerge occasionally. No matter what trend or preference the crowd may prefer, at the end of the day, it is still up to you to celebrate your creativity and have the design you want for your home.