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The FACE of Lighting - Serge Margarik, CEO and Founder VONN Lighting

In this climate-conscious era, many are working to decrease their individual carbon footprints. That’s why so many designers and eco-conscious consumers are shifting from regular light bulbs to LED lighting. Recognizing the huge potential of LED early on was Serge Margarik, CEO and Founder of VONN Lighting. “I saw great growth opportunity in LED, so I created a lighting company that focuses on unique, high-quality, luxury lighting at affordable price points.” Leaving a long career in the investment banking, he shifted his focus to the Home Improvement Industry. His ground-breaking achievements led him to launching VONN Lighting in 2015. From exquisite home chandeliers to custom corporate, hotel or restaurant lighting, VONN creates personalized solutions for consumer and corporate clients alike. Beyond the gorgeous look LED makes in a room, the environmental impact is even more stunning. VONN Lights are an environmentally safe, energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs, which waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat, and fluorescent bulbs, which contain landfill leaching toxins. In addition, LED lights last up to six times longer than their counterparts, reducing frequent replacement and adding to landfills. At VONN Lighting, we marry elegance with the environment, brilliantly.