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Tips for Lighting up Your Outdoor Space

It’s essential to put a little effort into the aesthetics of your outdoor space, and one way to improve it is by giving proper lighting. Darkness should not impede you from doing backyard activities, like barbecuing or just hanging out with your friends. By lighting your outdoor space, you can keep the party going even if the sun is already down. Typically you’d want your outdoor LED lighting to accomplish two things- to make your backyard more safe and highlight features in your landscape and garden. It would be best to accomplish both. So below are some tips for lighting up your outdoor space.

Security Lighting

You want this to be the brightest light in your outdoor space, enough to illuminate large areas to deter wild animals and would-be burglars. Install security lighting in high spots. Like, above your garage or gates to light down walkways. Another option is to install motion-sensing flood lights on your walls. That way, if anyone is prowling in your backyard, they will be fooled to think someone saw them.

Path Lighting

Path lighting can either be soft or moderately bright. Just enough to help you see walkways while also highlighting them. If you want them in your pathways, do not line them up. Your home is not an airport. Stagger them instead to make the lighting more unique. Besides pathways, you can also place them in your garden to highlight your beautiful plants.

String Lighting

You can use string lighting to evoke an intimate and warm vibe in outdoor settings. Their low-voltage and soft light are perfect for outdoor kitchens or in the posts of an outdoor gazebo or pavilion to light your patio furniture. If your wiring is a problem for you, buy battery-powered or solar-powered outdoor string lights instead. This will eliminate your need for running extension cords across your yard and enable you to light far corners of your yard without the need for electrical lights. Ensure that your string lights are waterproof also. So you won’t worry about the rain.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lightings are best suited to light up small recessed areas in your yard. So they are moderately bright and have a low voltage. Simply mount them on walls or any vertical surface, like the interior of a pergola or above stairways. It would be best to use wall sconces with open bottoms to cast a wider light on recessed areas.

Deck lighting

Deck lighting is a series of LED lights installed into the grooves of the surface of your deck to make them safer while ensuring that you will not feel them underfoot. You can also place deck lights in the individual steps of stairs or along deck and stair railings. Other than that, it can also highlight garden features and remove visual clutter.

Spot Lighting

Spotlighting uses lights that face upwards to highlight landscape features. That is why it’s also called up-lighting. They are typically used to highlight plant or ornamental features. You can put them below trees or lawn ornaments to make them more statuesque.