Top Things To Focus On For A Bathroom Redesign

Think your bathroom is too dull and outdated? If so, then it may be time to start some renovation. 

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting part of your life. But you need to approach it the right way. 

Everyone wants their bathroom to reflect their style and the vision of comfort in their mind. But if you are not an expert, you might buy something you’ll regret. So to help you, here are the top things to focus on for a bathroom redesign.

Flooring repairs 

One of the essential things you need to focus on when renovating your bathroom is the flooring. Bad flooring can lead to dangerous accidents, which is the last thing you want to happen in your bathroom. So you’ll need to check your bathroom floors for cracks and repair them as soon as possible. And ensure you seal everything.

If your bathroom has tiles, repairing the cracks or broken tiles would be fine. But if you have something like carpets or linoleum, opting for something more durable would be the best choice. If you want something safe, you can opt for small, textured shower tiles. These tiles help prevent slippage because of their texture and extra grout.

Improved lighting 

As you renovate your bathroom, don’t forget about your lighting. So you can improve the functionality and mood of the space. One of the things you can do is upgrade your bathroom mirror with a lighted one. Lighted bathroom mirrors ensure you won’t have a dark reflection, letting you properly groom yourself.

Another feature you can add to your bathroom lighting is a dimmer switch. If you want an intimate and leisurely bath, adjust the light produced by your light fixtures, which you can only do with a dimmer switch.

Cabinets For Vertical Storage

Your cabinets are one of the most visible things in your bathroom. So it would make sense to put your attention into this, too, especially if your cabinets are old and outdated.

If you want to maximize your bathroom space, opt for wall-mounted cabinets. This makes your bathroom more spacious and cleaning easier since you won’t lift your cabinet to clean the dirt under it.

Carefully Consider Countertop Material

Like every bathroom feature, you can also find various options when talking about bathroom countertops. 

But remember, when choosing your countertop, you’ll need to balance out functionality and appearance. For example, stone countertops can be costly. But they are also very durable. And you can pair them with many designs.

A marble countertop can be aesthetically pleasing. But it’s also porous and may need regular sealing. 

Laminate countertops are cheap. But will not bring you much in resale value. And tiled countertops are easy to install. But will need constant cleaning on grout lines.


Renovating your bathroom can be exciting. But you need to be careful with what you buy to ensure that nothing goes out of place. So if you know anyone who wants to renovate their bathroom, share this article with them.