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Types Of Chandeliers to Consider

Chandeliers give more than illuminance; they are a statement of elegance and personality. In the medieval period, chandeliers symbolized wealth and stature; elegant tiered lighting fixtures somehow put you in a higher social ranking. However, in the current age, chandeliers are a sophisticated addition that complements our homes with a touch of ambiance and flair. While a graceful chandelier might be the missing piece to your dining space puzzle, narrowing it down to the perfect one is a tad bit challenging than you might anticipate. This put together piece will help you filter through the noise to five shortlisted types of chandeliers that could be the perfect fit for you.

5 Chandeliers To Keep An Eye Out For When Shopping

  • Crystal Chandeliers
If elegance is your game, then this is it for you. Crystal chandeliers are made from crystals, thus the name, and they come in a wide variety of styles to choose from. Incorporating a crystal chandelier into your space oozes effortless glamour with light reflecting off the crystal casting enchanting rays across the room. The eye-catching crystal chandeliers come in various sizes and materials, from the grand staircase to raindrop and miniature crystal chandeliers.
  • Candle Chandeliers
Candle chandeliers are pretty self-explanatory; they have candle-like bulbs at the end. While crystal chandeliers have tiers, candelabras have several extensions which hold out the bulbs. A true classic, the candle-style chandelier gives any space a simplistic and rustic feel. With flickering bulbs as a feature, candelabras give you a realistic candle-lit vibe. Classic candle chandeliers are a stunning way to add character and soul to your space.
  • Pendant Chandeliers
Subtle beauty is a fine line, and pendant fixtures sure know how to walk it. Unlike most chandelier designs, pendant chandeliers hang close to the ceiling making them less overbearing and perfect for small kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. The prime material selection of this led chandelier runs from brass, steel to wood; these pieces compliment any decor while seamlessly fitting in. Pendant light fixtures exude an element of contemporary and aesthetic, perfect for minimalists looking for something that’s not too over the top.
  • Shaded Chandeliers
Chandeliers with shades give soft discrete lighting. These chandeliers come with fabric covering around the bulb to tone down the lighting for an ambient feel. The intensity of the illumination entirely sends on the thickness and angle placement of the fixture. Placing shaded chandeliers cohesively accentuates any space, whether modern, classic, or industrial. The all-around shaded chandeliers are the perfect match if you’re not feeling too bold and want to cozy up under warm lights.
  • Modern Chandeliers
The avant-garde lighting fixtures are the go-to for a futuristic concept. Modern chandeliers are the new-age balance between geometric trims with crisp edges and abstract forms. If you’re sorting after modern chandeliers, you need to let go of the idea of intricacy and embrace smooth lines. Modern lighting fixtures are often cut from natural material and are versatile enough to facelift any space- commercial or not. Avant-garde chandeliers are the way to go if you’re looking to bring a touch of glam without overwhelming your space; the modern chandeliers are a consideration you should make. Summing Up With so many styles, designs, and materials to choose from, shopping for a chandelier is bound to leave anyone in a dilemma- the good kind of dilemma, of course. The wide selection of glass, brass, wood grain or crystal is unquestionably accommodating of different tastes and personalities. Whether you’re going for an industrial, modest, or classic feel in your home, there is a chandelier that will blend in just properly. Understanding the basics of chandelier designs is the first step to finding the perfect match for your home.