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Types of fixtures you might not have thought about buying

When we think about lighting solutions, we almost always rally our votes on functionality and quality. While there's nothing wrong with this approach, it tends to box our imagination into a linear vision blindsiding us on the potential and power lighting as a component holds. Forget the visibility and safety aspects for a minute and tap into all the endless possibilities an illumination fixture could unlock for your living space. From sparking some glam to adding character and dimension, lighting fixtures are nowhere near constriction; if anything, they're the liberating pulse and glory of our accommodations.

Five lighting fixtures you're missing out on.

By now, you've probably had your fair share of the infamous spotlights and flush mounts, so we'll spare you the cliche. Instead, we'll take you through some of the best-kept secrets in the lighting game- the trendsetting fixtures. These are the commonly overlooked lighting structures dosed with style and elegance. Sounds like your cup of tea? Buckle up because we've got five wowing options you had no idea you needed.

Chic Pendant

Pendants are inarguably the perfect blend of functionality, elegance, and versatility. What's not to love about that? The ceiling-hung fixtures have us obsessing over their sleek down-angled forms and expansive variety of styles, colors, and textures. Perfect for high ceilings, pendant lights know how to coax your guests' eyes upward with their focal illuminance. Single it out in your bathroom, or cluster it overhead your kitchen island, a pendant fixture will always show out.

Vintage Table lamp

Table lamps are in, and we're living for them. These portable shaded fixtures have the world alight with their tasteful task lighting quirks, so much so that we see more of them outside the bedroom. Table lamps are no longer cuffed to bedside tables; they're now making their way into reading nooks, mantels, nesting, and console tables. An antique table lamp is an irresistible must-have that'll no doubt layer well with other lighting fixtures while simultaneously introducing a touch of character- that's a hard pass.

Themed chandeliers

Once a symbol of affluence, chandeliers are a modern-day mark of elegance gracing every space imaginable. These 18th-century statement fixtures know how to stand the test of time. Famous for their rich beauty and exceptional affordability, chandeliers might be the fixture that has you crossing the threshold. Many have acknowledged this illuminance structure's flexibility and diversity in style and function. Lean towards contemporary themes or the renaissance age with a chandelier and watch your space redefine.

Angled lights

Down- or up- angled lights are just as their names suggest; they're installed to face downward or upward, respectively. At the same time, the concept may not seem like much, but the direction these light fixtures face poses a visual effect. Downlights are mainly known to add depth and focus to their subjects. On the other hand, Uplights animate their surroundings while casting a diffused illumination. Either of these fixtures can play a stylistic role when utilized correctly.

Tiki torches

Pacific-inspired tiki torches are an outdoor showstopper, no doubt. Consider exploring these fixtures for a unique outdoor perspective with lots of moody feels. Ideally uplighted, tiki torches come erected above ground level, which makes them perfect for a diffused backyard or patio setting. The fixtures are relatively durable and affordable and come in a wide range of materials to choose from, however, our favorite pick would have to be sturdy metal.

Bottom line

Lighting fixtures are an open-ended discussion with no one-size-fits-all answer. The truth is, the industry is swarming with a little over 15 styles, each perfect in its way. Therefore, the trick to landing your fit would come only by aligning your lighting needs and style. Finding the correct fixture is an admittedly personal exercise, and while we cannot sway your choice, we can suggest some top lighting picks to see you through your decision-making.