Types of Mirrors That You May Want

People have been using mirrors for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Anatolia (ancient Turkey), where people molded and polished crushed volcanic glass to become obsidian. Despite people using it in the past, the modern mirror is thanks to the discovery of Justus von Liebig in 1835, making mirrors more affordable and accessible to ordinary people. Today, you can now find different mirrors in the market. And if you are planning to buy one for your house, below are several types you can consider.

Plane mirrors

This type of mirror is the most common mirror in the market. Rather than aesthetics, plain mirrors focus more on functionality, reflecting images directly in normal proportions but reverse. You can find these mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Spherical Mirrors

You can easily differentiate spherical mirrors from plain mirrors because of their shape. They can either be concave or convex. Unlike plain mirrors, convex mirrors reflect a smaller distorted image of an object. This is because of its shape that is bulging outwards. An example of this is the side mirrors of a vehicle. Concave mirrors, on the other hand, bulge inwards. So instead of reflecting a small distorted image, it enlarges it. You can see them used as a shaving mirror and dental mirror.

Non-Reversing Mirror

As the name suggests, this mirror will have the same function as a plain mirror. But instead of a reversed image, it will reflect the exact image. So if you raise your right arm, the image will also do so. You can use these mirrors in your make-up corner so you can see how you look from a different perspective.

One-Way and Two-Way Mirrors

You may have seen this in drama series or movies where you see the police looking in the interrogation room through the glass while the interrogated will not know that people are watching them. One way you can use this is to put them in your doors or windows. That way, you can see people outside, but they can’t see you inside for privacy purposes.

Silvered Mirrors

As the name suggests, this mirror uses silver (or other compounds which act like silver) as the main reflective material. It is what differentiates it from the others. They are also more durable and non-corrosive, making them last longer than other mirrors. Rather than its functionality, people typically use silvered mirrors as a decorative piece only.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors have been specifically tailored depending on what the customer wants. Some have specific designs to fit the interior of a room. Others have added functionality. A good example is backlit mirrors. They are specifically used to give more ambient light to your surroundings so you can see yourself more clearly in the mirror.

What Are Other Uses of Mirrors

Other than seeing your reflection, there are also other uses for mirrors.

Brightens Up a Space

You can use mirrors to brighten up a space in your home. Place them near the window to reflect natural light and enhance the brightness of a room.

Makes a Room Bigger

You can do this by using a large mirror, preferably those that reach the floor to the ceiling. This will create the illusion of an extension to the room, making it look bigger.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Besides functionality, you can also use mirrors to add aesthetic value to your house. It’s all up to your imagination.


Mirrors are essential for your home. It will not only let you see your reflection. But can also add more aesthetics depending on how you use them. So, share this article with your friends, too, to let them know what types of mirrors they can use in their house.