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Walls looking bland? Try this lighting fixture

Wall lights or sconces are light fixtures placed on walls. You can use them for general lighting in the house. But most people like to use them for decorative purposes. 

That is why if your walls look bland, you won't need to repaint them or add other decorations. Instead, just install some wall lights. And you'll add more personality to your space. 

Wall lights can both add style and functionality to your home. And if that is not enough to convince you, the benefits below should.

A Timeless Trend

There are trends from the past that stuck throughout the years. And remained part of modern-day culture. And wall lights are one of these timeless classics. 

Regardless of where the trend began, it's no doubt wall lights have not faded into obscurity. They are always one of the first things that come into people's minds when thinking of light fixtures that add style and creative distinction. Whatever design you have in your home, there's always a wall light that can pair with it.

Using Wall Lights to Brighten Your Home

One of the things that you can take advantage of with wall light fixtures is that you can place them in areas your overhead light cannot reach. So, if you have uneven lighting in your home or if there are any dark areas, some wall lights should brighten the place up.

But before you install some wall lights in your home, it's essential to first think about how you want your wall lights to perform. This will help you determine where to put your light fixtures and what bulbs you want to choose.

For example, if you want your wall lights for task lighting, high-lumen bulbs are the best choice. If you want to highlight your wall decors and paintings, wall lights with directional lights would be the best choice.

A Designers Favorite

Wall lights are a favorite light fixture of designers and lighting experts. They are the perfect choice for accent lighting in a room, adding another layer of light to your space. So if you think something is missing in your room, maybe all you need is wall lights.

Where Should You Place Your Wall Lights

You can install your wall lights anywhere, depending on your preference. But below are the places where you'll typically find them:

Hallways – Overhead lights are sometimes not enough for hallways. So adding wall lights should brighten up the space, while also making it more relaxing and warm.

Entryways – Adding wall lights to your entryway will make your home more welcoming to your guests and friends.

Large rooms – You may use a large chandelier for large rooms. But you'll be surprised how your architectural features and decors shine when wall lights highlight them.

Outdoors – Placing them on walls outside your house will make your home safer. It will also highlight landscape features like your garden and pool.


If you want to add more pizzazz to your home, installing some wall lights may help. This versatile light fixture will not only give more functionality to a room but also some style. So if you know someone who wants to upgrade their walls, share this article with them.