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What Are Linear Chandeliers and Why Are They So Popular?

Linear lights, or linear chandeliers, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially in industrial, office, and commercial lighting. Even homeowners nowadays choose to upgrade their homes from classic interior lighting into a more modern feel. But what’s with the craze? This is because linear lightings, in general, are versatile compared to traditional ones. You can use it for various lighting applications and even have laudable characteristics such as environmental and health protection, low energy consumption, and many more. Learn more about linear chandeliers and what’s making consumers crazy about them here:

What Is a Linear Chandelier?

Unlike traditional round or square bulbs, linear lightings are linear-shaped luminaires that can equally distribute light over narrow areas. These long optics are famous for their flexibility as they can be installed in various ways. Some linear chandeliers are either mounted, recessed, or suspended from a wall or ceiling. Now, you might probably notice linear lighting in commercial spaces only, like offices and retail stores. But, recently, it has also been used in domestic applications to achieve a more ambient space. You may know about the different types of linear lighting below:


Recessed linear lighting is the most common among the other two types in this list. People prefer this lighting fixture because it works well with lower ceilings and doesn’t take too much space. You can mostly see flush-mounted linear lighting in office buildings.


Unlike the former type, hanging linear lighting uses a pair of suspension cords to hold its weight from the ceiling. One of the benefits of using this type of linear lighting is that you can adjust its height according to your living space.


This type of linear lighting is closely related to the former type. They are either mounted or suspended from a wall. Wall linear lighting can work perfectly well for highlighting features and signage walls.

Why Use Linear Chandeliers?

Linear chandeliers are great in lighting areas in need of constant sharp, crisp light. This modern development can light up wider spaces way better than traditional hanging lights. The following benefits of linear lighting can help you understand its increasing popularity among different households:


As you can observe in the previous section, you can install linear lighting anywhere. It offers a wide range of connecting junctions like T-shape, L-shape, and cross-shape. And these shapes can be combined with various lengths, giving designers more freedom to create unique interior designs for your homes.


One of the reasons consumers now prefer using linear lighting more than traditional ones is because it is energy-efficient. This then allows homeowners to spend less. Linear lighting also lasts longer, making it an excellent long-term investment for financially conscious individuals.


Now that most of you are working at home, linear lighting can give you more benefits than you can imagine. With its ability to brighten the dark corners of your home, it can make your living space more cheerful than ever, reducing stress levels.

Interior Personalization

When using linear lighting in your home, you can expect to have a wide color temperature selection. This can then help your designer incorporate several elements and highlight them, creating a mood suited for your preferences. Linear lighting is also great for a more personalized lighting fixture. The market has various solutions available, so it won’t be that much difficult to look for the correct bulb fit when shopping. It is possible to make unique designs and patterns with your linear lighting, making your home look more special. Additionally, the LED lights that come with these chandeliers offer homeowners to save up on their electric bills.


Ever since the industry introduced linear lighting to the public, its demand continued to increase exponentially. And this is because of all the good reasons that many consumers can attest to. So if you’re still waiting for a sign to install linear chandeliers at home, this is it!