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What Makes Pendant Lighting So Popular

Most of the time, people who want to make their house look good often rely heavily on furniture, art pieces, and proper arrangement. Although those three things mentioned are crucial in making a space look attractive, many often forget the importance of lighting. Without lighting, all your designs and pieces won’t get highlighted, often resulting in a bleak, dull look. Using the correct type of lighting and fixtures helps you avoid creating spaces that look dull. Speaking of fixtures, one of the most popular fixtures that people integrate within their designs is pendant lighting.

What Are Pendant Lights?

You might have seen a pendant light somewhere but may have failed to notice. The simplest pendant lights have one light bulb that’s mounted base up. The light bulb is often inside a globe, underneath an open shade, or an open reflector. The key difference with pendant lights is that the light bulb is base up. With chandeliers, lanterns, and other types of fixtures, the light bulb is usually mounted base down. With that said, why are pendant lights trending nowadays? Here are some reasons why:

They Look Awesome

A big reason why pendant lighting is popular is because of their amazing designs. From shining up industrial-themed pendant lights to basket-woven orb fixtures, there’s no amount of shortage of designs with pendant lights. Sometimes, the designs of these lights can even become centerpieces for a particular space. For example, a kitchen usually doesn’t have a fancy painting or art piece displayed within the room. To make up for the missing aesthetics, you could add designer pendant lights in the area. There are several types of pendant lights, but here are some common designs you might have already seen:
  • Bell
  • Bowl
  • Drum
  • Cone
  • Glass
  • Globe
For outdoor pendant lights, choose durable designs. Depending on the area outside, you can also use rattan or DIY twine pendant lights. Take advantage of their designs when you’re putting up lights, and you’ll surely enjoy the outcome of it.

They’re Functional

Not only do they look good, but pendant lights are also functional and give off more than just a vibe. Taking the same example above, pendant lights are perfect for kitchens. Not only do they provide a look, but they also provide adequate lighting to help you focus on tasks such as chopping, cutting, preparing food, etc. Used with other types of lighting, pendant lights can provide a safe and attractive work area in the kitchen. In other areas, pendant lights can be good additions to mini-libraries and offices. For example, place one above a table, complement it with task light sources if needed, and you have a perfect reading area.


You can virtually place pendant light lights almost everywhere. If you use it in a room with other lights, you can string it up higher or lower depending on your use. If you want the lights strung up higher, they become subtle and become less noticeable. You may want to use additional tasks and other lights when you decide to do this. For lights that are strung lower, they can become brighter and more impactful, especially if they have fancy designs. Be careful though, string pendant lights are too low, and they become obstructive. Some people have even hit their heads on low-hanging pendant lights. For a better effect, try using pendant lights for both task and decorative uses. By using a cluster of small pendant lights, try hanging them at different heights. This design is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, small reception areas, etc.


Pendant lights are some of the most popular lights nowadays. With enough lighting and incredible designs, you can see these types of fixtures almost everywhere. Aside from looking good and providing adequate lighting, pendant lights are a favorite among DIY or do-it-yourself crafters. One such example is twine pendant lights. They’re easy to make and look good as well. So remember, when choosing lighting, consider pendant lights.