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What To Know About Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is one of the most known lighting fixtures used, especially in homes and other establishments, to create that luxurious, elegant look. Not to mention, they never go out of style because modern pendant lighting is now also one of the must-haves in improving the aesthetics of a place, typically in open floor plans like the kitchen area and dining rooms. Additionally, the great thing about this type of lighting fixture is that they hang down towards your targeted lighting area below from being attached to the ceiling. Sometimes finding the most suitable pendant light could be a bit challenging. Before you purchase, here is a quick must-know in getting a pendant light for your space.

Low Ceilings? Not A Problem

If you worry that you might not get pendant lights because of a low ceiling, think again. Pendant lights are popular choices even if you have low ceilings. Surprisingly, this lighting fixture is a great option even for living rooms or dining areas with low ceilings and could add up as a fresh accent to your place. You must remember that if you have a low ceiling, always opt for only a single pendant lighting because overcrowding in one area will not look good and would take up too much space. If you also want to achieve a contemporary look, incorporating multiple lighting fixtures could help light up your room and improve the looks too.

Wide Range of Shade Options

The shade options are also vast for pendant lights. Some come in opaque shapes, depending on the lighting you will need. For some types, the size of your pendant lighting must be related to the amount of light you will be needing. For instance, more extensive pendant lighting is recommended for a larger space. On the contrary, small pendant lights are best for smaller areas.

They Are Replaceable

Pendant lightings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also convenient, especially if you need to replace them. Replacing an already existing pendant lighting area is easy. Not to mention, when you replace them, you have a wide variety of designs and affordable options to choose from. Additionally, if you want to replace the glass on your lighting fixture, it’s fine not to change the whole lighting fixture and give it a new look by getting a new glass shade. Pendant lights are not that difficult to replace because they are lighter than chandeliers.

It Could Be Placed Anywhere

So, where do you exactly need to place your pendant lighting fixtures? The answer is anywhere! You decide where you want to put your lighting fixture, but typically, they could be found hanging around areas in the kitchen, specifically in the kitchen island or the living room. There are a lot of pendant lighting varieties that could be suitable to be used in any part of a home. Pendant lights could be hung solo, pair, or multiple groups. A larger pendant lighting fixture would be best if you do not want to use a chandelier if you have a large bedroom. You could also use pendant lighting if you run a business and place them in your breakfast bar area and the like. Additionally, it may be used as a lamp for side tables if you need to have that extra lighting in your reading area.

They Come In Various Styles

If you can’t decide which pendant lighting would best fit your space, the great news is that this kind of lighting comes in various styles! With the vast range of styles to choose from, there’s no way you will not find anything that matches your home’s theme. There are glass pendant lighting best if you want to achieve a versatile look, multi-light pendants that are great to be used in the master bedroom, drum-shaped pendants, and so many more. Make sure you know all the various types before purchasing to decide properly.


People are getting interested in using pendant lighting to highlight spaces in their place, but sometimes a person needs a guide before purchasing one. Purchasing pendant lighting could help you modernize your space and make it more elegant, so to guide you, you may refer to the details mentioned above to help you know more about this lighting fixture.