Why It's Worth Upgrading To An LED Bathroom Mirror

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are taking the interior décor game like a whirlwind. Whether you’re on the hunt for home renovation pieces or simply looking to revamp a commercial bathroom space, mirrors are a staple. While traditional bathroom vanities get the job done, modern optimized LED mirrors take the grooming experience to another level. Admittedly, LED mirrors range slightly higher than ordinary mirrors; however, these illuminated bathroom additions render many pros, making them worth the extra buck. So, if the price tag on that marble LED bathroom mirror has you second-guessing, we give you six reasons why LED bathroom mirrors are indispensable.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. Incorporating illuminated bathroom mirrors is an impressive way to add a touch of glamour to your home. With a wide range of gorgeous shades, textures, and frames to choose from, Hollywood-style light-up mirrors might be the wow- factor your bathroom needs. You don’t have to go the extra mile to revamp your bathroom space; subtle décor elements like light-up mirrors can really make a difference.

Enhanced Lighting

After spending the day in front of our screens, the last thing we need is a more blue light nuisance. LED mirrors have inbuilt light-emitting diodes that cast soft, balanced light, similar to natural light. The diffused lighting of LED mirrors is bright enough to illuminate your bathroom space without shadows or glares, making it the better optical choice. Additionally, LED mirrors’ semblance to natural light translates into seamless color accuracy; this is essentially helpful for makeup application.

Boosts Property Value

Property value assessors swear by bathroom renovations to increase real estate value, and while redoing your entire bathroom may be a splurge, investing in LED mirrors isn’t. Minimal additions like bathroom lights, mirrors, and cabinetry will have a buyer chip in a little more. Investing in LED mirrors visually opens up your bathroom space, making it appear brighter and roomier. On the other hand, fitting illuminated bathroom mirrors with extra cabinet space will add a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars to your property value.

Long Life

Durability is critical when it comes to home solution investments, and LED bathroom mirrors deliver on that. When you purchase illuminated bathroom mirrors, you are set for at least ten years; of course, this life varies depending on quality. Compared to incandescent lights available on the market, the average LED vanity mirror uses about 50,000 hours; these lights stand tear and wear for years to come, the durable alternative.

Energy Saving

Contrary to what you may think, LED mirrors are big on saving, typically using 75% less energy. Illuminated bathroom mirrors generally reflect clear images by emitting more lumen that can be optimized. Unlike most lighting fixtures, LED mirrors don’t glare, with most offering a dimming option. Brace yourself for a slashed electricity bill when using LED mirrors for your bathroom.

Efficient Features

LED mirrors come in different shapes and sizes with various features to offer that you wouldn’t enjoy with an ordinary bathroom mirror. Primarily, LED mirrors are made from quality glass with anti-fog properties; this way, you don’t have to worry about stains from hand swipes every time you use warm water. Most illuminated bathroom mirrors also come with a powerful magnifying panel that makes grooming easier, especially when shaving or doing makeup. Finally, some LED mirrors have a dimming feature that allows you to adjust the lights to perfection.

Final Thought

The inclination to want value for your money when buying household equipment is natural, and you don’t have to compromise that with LED mirrors. Illuminated bathroom lights are a worthwhile investment. The many benefits of LED mirrors ultimately outweigh any anticipated cons like pricing. The impressive features and undeniable advantages of light-up bathroom mirrors make the upgrade a no-brainer.