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Welcome to VONN.

Deeply rooted in European traditions, VONN Lighting manufactures and distributes stylish and technologically-sophisticated LED light fixtures, turning conventional light fixtures into extraordinary showpieces. We revolutionize the way people light their residences and commercial spaces, offering a range of customizable designs.

UNPARALLELED INNOVATION. We leverage the latest technology in lighting to create designs that uphold the latest trends while maintaining timelessness. Our lighting has capabilities to support a “smart home”, whether you want to control your lighting with an app, voice, or motion.

ARTISTIC DESIGN. Our lighting is creatively designed with euro-centric values of craftsmanship and functionality, adding beauty and value to your space. VONN turns conventional light fixtures into extraordinary showpieces, creating artistry and fashion in lighting.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. As a distinguished watchmaker will say, “behind the accuracy, lies precision.” VONN follows the same principle-- design and function cannot stand short on quality. We consistently certify our products meet the highest standards in safety and verified technical specifications

Why LED? LED is the most advanced way to light a room: LED light has a lifetime expectation of 50,000 operational hours, making it the most cost-effective option in the long run while looking the most beautiful with a broad range of illumination color and dimmability.

Beyond the beauty that LED brings to a room, the environmental impact is even more stunning. LEDs are energy efficient, consuming less power than incandescent bulbs. LED lights are also nontoxic and fully recyclable, making LED lighting an eco-friendly choice. Finally, LED lighting is a healthier choice: LED provides health benefits to migraine sufferers and epileptics since the use of LED light, with its non-flickering properties, yields a more comfortable experience than traditional lighting.

As we try to reduce our carbon footprint in this climate conscious era, we believe that LED lighting is the most state-of-the-art yet sustainable way to light your home.

Join us on our journey to turn conventional light fixtures into extraordinary showpieces.

Serge Magarik, CEO

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