2016: The Year of Mixing Old with the New

Each year brings something new and revitalizing to the interior design arena, and 2016 is no exception. This year, among marble accents, statement bathroom mirrors, and mismatched cabinets, vintage and industrial trends have found their way into the heart of interior designers all over the country. image03 Was vintage ever truly “out?” The matte finish of vintage, industrial lights go with nearly any color scheme and add a warm, sophisticated element to any room. Edison light bulbs add a dash of nostalgia to the room, creating a mesmerizing feeling that homeowners and guests alike will appreciate for years to come. Industrial accents are not just for warehouses anymore. They add an elegant, vintage style to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, and more. Their antique style juxtaposed with a modern space creates an unmistakeable harmony of colors, textures, and light. According to Architectural Digest, “minimalism with a twist” has also taken its place among the top trends of the year. VONN designs emphasize using the space with as few objects as possible, opening and glamourising the room without cluttering it. The vintage and industrial light fixtures add an eclectic vibe to the room without overstating their presence, a characteristic that appeals to investors, homebuyers, renters, interior designers, and realtors alike. image00 Jan Showers, of Jan Showers & Associates Inc., comments, “We have seen so much color in the last decade — I adore wonderful colors, but I feel a change in the air. It seems that our clients are loving ivory, alabaster, eggshell, bone, and creamy neutrals in their rooms, with comfortable seating” (Terrebonne). Using neutral, vintage-inspired lights is not only the popular design technique, but also a smart one. Neutral lights and pieces add more opportunity for creativity among the accents of the room. It also opens up an opportunity for the interior designer to experiment with mixing vintage and modern styles together. Vintage fixtures and accents in an otherwise modern room tease the eye and capture the imagination of all who enter it. Additionally, using vintage fixtures in the home or workplace enable the designer or owner to demonstrate their own individual style by taking risks and playing around with various combinations. image01 Vintage and industrial styles are often thought of as beautiful but energy consuming. This is not the case for VONN Lighting pieces. Each fixture is crafted with environmentally-friendly LED technology, allowing it to emit brighter, cleaner light without heating up or wasting energy. This tech-savvy trend has caught the eye of Deborah Burke of Deborah Berke Partners. “I’m looking forward to the further development and expansion of the creative interface between local makers and artisans and new, technologically advanced materials and assembly processes,” she told Architectural Digest (AD). This gives vintage and industrial artisans the freedom to create their elegant pieces without sacrificing efficiency. image02 Industrial and vintage interior design also add a silky smooth element of tradition to the space. A nod to the past with a step towards the future fuse together to create a room filled with intrigue, mystery, and warmth. Robert Stiltin elaborates, “It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the home and much less about show” (Terrebonne). When asked about their predictions for 2016, Stiltin and AD’s panel of other AD100 honorees spoke extensively about their expectations of seeing much more vintage and traditional elements in interior design trends. Now is the time to add vintage and industrial features to your home renovations, particularly lighting. VONN Lighting’s fixtures have been used and featured by interior designers internationally, with thousands of people loving their work. Shed some light upon your future design opportunities while this trend is still hot! Special thanks to “AD100 Experts Predict the Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2016” by Jacqueline Terrebonne