LED in Fashion

Have you noticed how LED lighting is incorporated into fashion shows and even items such as bags, clothing and shoes? Well, LED has been lighting up fashion for years now and it continues to impress consumers. Last year, the iconic brand Chanel, released their signature boy bags, clutches and cross body bags with LED lights that created the signature double-C logo and quilted pattern across the bag.

Last year, Zac Posen debuted the jaw dropping, one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn creation, crafted from organza and fiber optics, which allowed the dress to light up in the dark.

While Hi-Tech fashion may appear innovative and captivating, Alexander McQueen used lighting back in 1999 to incorporate lighting into his collections. Designers continue to create subtle collections with a hint of LED, which makes the item the center of attention. When looking for the finest fashion, you look at every detail and how it will compliment your closet. With VONN lighting, we take the same approach in mastering designs and creating breakthrough collections to brighten up your home. Lighting can be fashionable and intricate, where VONN lighting creations continue to stand alone as artistic centerpieces in any décor.