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2019 LIGHTING DESIGN TRENDS HORIZONTAL Lights that span the width of a room are becoming more modern than those with a traditional vertical drop. The fresh and contemporary style can visually unify a space and make it seem cohesive. Make sure to opt a style with clean, simple lines and exposed bulbs so as not to seem aesthetically cluttered


Marble based lamps made a big statement in 2018, and that trend will continue in 2019, although with some variations. The super trendy floor lamps with marble bases will give way to table and desk lamps, in varying colors of marble. Even polished concrete will be included in this trend for a refined take on an industrial style.

BRASS Preference for vintage styles of lighting has manifested an interest in different types of metals. This year, brass, especially unfinished brass without a patina will take the spotlight. Much more accessible in terms of style and price than gold, brass can be included in modern and traditional interiors for an eclectic twist. NATURAL FIBERS The use of natural fibers for lampshades is gaining momentum. Although normally associated with the beachside, rattan, rope and other woven grasses can be incorporated into any style interior for a more bohemian feel. Natural fibers can provide an element of texture in an unexpected area, while the negative space between the rungs allows fixtures to take up space without too much visual weight. OVERSIZED In a similar manner to the trend of linear/horizontal lighting, the trend of oversized lights is focused on the interplay of the space between the fixture and its environment. Oversized fixtures look best over a single focal point such as a dining table, kitchen island, or seating area. Make sure to keep proportion in check so as to not overwhelm a space. SCULPTURAL As advances in lighting technology increase, so too will the possibilities of lights as sculptural pieces. Forms can vary from more abstract clouds and bubbles to full-on representational wall art. People who are looking to express themselves in their home décor can look to sculptural pieces as an extension of their personality. DISCRETE In accordance with the growing trend of minimalism, buyers are starting to choose discrete lighting. Discrete lighting comes in many forms, but the aim is to illuminate a space indirectly with hidden lighting sources (such as recessed lighting underneath a counter, or uplighting a wall). Discrete lighting effectively creates an open, relaxed feel in a space without the clutter of hanging pendants or cords.