As head designer and creative director for both Fendi and Chanel, Lagerfeld was notorious for his exquisite style and eye for detail when it comes to fashion. After practicing fashion design for many years, Karl Lagerfeld, adopted his design style to interiors. His works are evident in great top-class hotels, palace resorts, lobbies, beach isles, condos, and lofts. His influence is great and spreads far beyond a single sphere as he pushed the creative boundaries to be an inspiration and icon to interior designers. His most iconic architectural design is the Les Grands apartments in Hotel de Crillon in Paris which serves as a legacy for all his works. His tastes for interior design were broad and ever-changing and inspired others to passionately imitate. The Karl Lagerfeld Hotel & Resorts was created due to the growing interest in interior design to remember his aesthetic projects in the industry. Unlike all the self-limiting interior designers, Karl Lagerfeld’s creativity was good and unlimited. His first interior design project in the U.S. was the Estates at Acqualina coming up with a luxurious residential complex showcasing his exquisite style. Lagerfeld designed the two residential spaces for The Estates at Acqualina, the brand new, ultra-luxury, Forbes Five Star and AAA Five Diamond resort located in Sunny Isles, Miami. Set to be outfitted with custom furnishings created by the mastermind himself, the lobbies will entirely reflect Lagerfeld’s supreme style and keen eye for detail. “I am excited by the opportunity to design the lobbies of The Estates at Acqualina and take great pride in knowing that the spaces I create will be such important spaces in the building,” said Karl Lagerfeld. “Not only are they significant because they offer the first impression of the building, they are also the spaces where people come to socialize daily; they are like a common living room. My designs are inspired by the look of each lobby, the building and the destination of Florida especially. The climate is very warm there and I wanted something fresh.” Despite being a fashion designer, Karl was entrusted to spearhead this project due to his ability to create an eliciting emotion and mood. Karl viewed interior design differently from fashion and did it as if it was all for himself. Karl Lagerfeld was a serial decorator with a well-furnished mind that was reinvented through changing of his homes. Since arriving in France, he lived in over 20 homes in different towns. He made different designs for his apartments showing different ways of leading a personal meaningful life. His zeal to acquire design information from magazine catalogs was insatiable. The kind of success achieved by Karl Lagerfeld in interior design serves as the greatest inspiration to the modern-day interior designers.