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2020 Trends to Use in Your Kitchen

With all the attention that bedrooms and bathrooms get, it’s important to show a little stylistic love to the room that you use every single day — the kitchen. Kitchens have seen more than their fair share of style trends through the years, from laminated floors, eccentric wallpapers, and granite countertops. 2020 has seen a whole new set of trends emerge, all of which should definitely be considered during your next renovation.

White and black palettes never have, and likely will never, go out of style. They’re classic, bold, and can unite multiple design elements together seamlessly. They complement granite countertops as well as wood, making them a versatile option.

Choosing bold light fixtures is our favorite trend and since we specialize in unique and fantastically bold fixtures that light up the imagination as well as a room. According to kitchen designer Vasi Ypsilantis, oversized fixtures create more depth perception and stir up drama in the room. Statement fixtures also tease the imagination while giving the perfect glow to your meal and guests.

Pair functionality with design. Kitchen cabinets look exceptionally sleek when fused with a utilitarian element. They also look pristine next to statement pieces, balancing the amount of light and whimsical aspects.

There are several top kitchen trends, and all of them are perfectly suited for LED technology. LED can make a world of difference when it comes to illuminating a space and creating a style uniquely your own. LED fixtures don’t heat the room and can be built-in centerpieces, room complements, or functional elements. Browse our gallery for more ideas on what to do with your kitchen.