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Benefits of Having A Backlit Mirror

Backlit mirrors are becoming more popular today for their bright glow and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should consider buying a backlit mirror. First, we’ll talk about what it is. Read on!

What is a Backlit Mirror?

A backlit mirror is an illuminated mirror with a lighting system behind it. When the mirror is lit up, the space behind it glows and frames the mirror with light all around them. It has four major components:
  • Mirror glass: this is where you see your reflection. It consists of three sub-layers: the clear glass, the ultra-thin metal layer, and the coating of paint that seals the metal in.
  • LED bulb/lighting system: the LED bulbs are arranged into a strip and mounted behind the mirror. They’re the reason for the backlit mirror’s glow.
  • Power supply: the LED bulbs won’t work without electricity. The power supply serves as the electrical grid for the illuminated mirror.
  • Frame/wall mount: this part allows you to hang or install the mirror on the wall. It usually has mounting brackets that secure the mirror in place.
Other parts like switches and dimmers may be added depending on the mirror’s design. If you’re planning to buy an illuminated mirror, these are the benefits you can get:

Even Source of Lighting

Backlit mirrors don’t cast shadows because the light that comes from them is even. This allows you to see your face more fully and evenly. Regular lighting fixtures often create shadows on your face, which makes shaving or applying makeup more challenging.

Energy Savings

Regular fixtures use incandescent light bulbs, which consume much electricity. Their lifespan is also only around 1,200 hours, making them not only expensive but also impractical. Meanwhile, backlit mirrors use LED bulbs, which use less electricity. Their lifespan is also much, much longer — 40,000 hours. This offers both energy and money savings.

Quality of Glass

The composition of a backlit mirror is quite different from ordinary and regular glass. Illuminated mirrors use high-quality magnification glass panels. This improves the quality of your reflection, making you look even better. The strength of magnification can also vary, so you can pick the best one for you.

Sizes and Shapes

Illuminated mirrors come in various sizes and shapes, with the newer designs being slimmer than regular ones. This makes it easier for them to accommodate various home features. Modern houses and bathrooms are much more compact than before, which is why illuminated mirrors are great for them. Backlit mirrors also create a sense of depth as the light makes the mirror stand out and come off the wall. It also gives you the illusion of having a bigger space than you actually have. This makes compact areas look roomier than what they are in reality.

Moody and Sense of Drama

Backlit mirrors have a unique, soft glow that sets the mood for the space. They have a dynamic effect on those that see them for the first time, thanks to the lack of harsh shadows and visual aesthetics of many modern illuminated mirrors.

Storage Space

Backlit mirrors can also come in the form of a cabinet, which is handy and practical when you have a small space. The cabinet serves the dual purpose of an illuminated mirror and additional storage space for your things.

Extra Features

Many backlit mirrors come with additional features that make your life way easier. Some backlit mirrors have proximity and motion sensors as well as anti-fog features. If you put the mirror in the bathroom, you won’t have to wipe it after a shower.