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4 Things You Need To Know About Chandeliers

Chandeliers have come a long way from exclusive luxury pieces of nobility to being every household must-have lighting fixture- and it doesn’t end there. Throughout their rich revolutionary history, chandeliers have been the center of massive transformations, impressive updates, and realignment more than any other type of light has. So much so that modern-day society would hardly believe that these astounding majestic fixtures were once cross-shaped structures with animal-fat candles fitted on them. These grandeur lighting fixtures have diversified, gracing a variety of gamut including interior décor and technological spectrums over the past couple of decades. Today, chandeliers are taking a constant shift in homes and commercial spaces from what we would have once perceived as a simple, functional lighting option.

Interesting chandelier parameters you should know about

Besides the fun facts like chandeliers hitting the Guinness World Book of records, complementary details make chandeliers stand out from the pool of lighting fixtures available on the market today. These comprehensive tips might not blow your mind as much as the renowned Reflective Flow chandelier would, but they sure will boost your understanding of these classic light fixtures. This way, if you are, or ever do, consider investing in a ceiling-hung illuminance fixture, you have all the valuable resources to help you make an appropriate and informed selection.

Illumination games

Chandeliers are trio faceted lighting fixtures; they fit accent, task, and ambient lighting. Often, people considering chandelier fixtures for their homes lean into their accent and ambient features. Ideally, they make the perfect accent fixtures because they layer up without overshadowing the primary lighting choice. Additionally, chandeliers accommodate various bulb options. Whether you’re into traditional incandescent bulbs or you’re more energy conscious and fancy LED chandeliers instead, these fixtures tend to blend right into your choice of light bulbs.

Aesthetics touches

If you appreciate an aesthetic touch to your lighting fixtures, then this is it for you! Who knows, a chandelier might even be the additional statement that finally ties your dining room décor together. Chandeliers are a conversational beauty, and there is no question about that. From inception, chandeliers were considered an elegant ornamental addition, far from what you could say about most traditional lighting fixtures. Majestically hanging from the ceilings, these fixtures bring all the luxury to a room as light reflects off their glass and crystal icicles making it impossible not to marvel at their beauty.

Versatility for the win

Chandeliers are sufficiently diverse in style, materials, and types present in the market nowadays. These eclectic show-stopping fixtures offer a dynamic selection to fit any space and theme from minimalistic to rustic and industrial. Contemporary chandeliers are also created from an impressive range of materials inclusive of all budgets, needs, and tastes, so if you’re stressing over the frequent polishing of crystal chandeliers, you can always choose fabric. Finally, chandeliers come in various styles; think of all the versatile shapes and forms on your plate- shaded, globe, wagon wheel, geometric. Decisions, decisions!

Amp up the ambiance

What if we told you, you could change the whole feel of a room with a single lighting fixture? You guessed it! Chandeliers are the go-to for ambient lighting; from their unexposed forms and reflective materials, you’re looking at diffused and dispersed lighting. Similarly, most chandeliers come in the choice of warm white, cool white, or soft white temperatures to switch up the atmosphere of your space from cozy to glowing and subtle. Ultimately, the color temperature of your chandelier depends on the ambiance you’re going after.

Summing up

It’s hard to find an all-rounded lighting fixture. I mean, how do you land lights that wrap up the whole décor, ambiance, versatility, and functional lighting package all in one? Chandeliers are it! These fixtures are the gift that keeps giving, and contrary to what you might expect, they’re pretty affordable. A true classic in the lighting game, chandeliers have swooned the hearts of many; from homeowners looking to spruce their space, to hot coffee spots trying to set the atmosphere right for their customers, they have so much to offer. While chandeliers always make an impressionable lighting choice, the dilemma is finding the right fit for you. We always recommend weighing in the available chandelier options against your lighting needs before you make up your mind, and if that sounds like too much of a hassle, talk to a professional lights expert for some insight instead.