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Is A Chandelier The Right Fit For Your Home?

Lighting is the focal point of every household; without appropriate lighting, we’re unable to accomplish our everyday tasks, create moody atmospheres, and show off our gorgeous landscaping by night. Based on experience, most homeowners can attest to you that lights aren’t just lights, more so when shopping for lighting structures for your indoor spaces. There’s so much thought, work, and planning that goes into picking out light fixtures for your home. Usually, ordinary bulb lighting does not require premeditation and comprehensive analysis; however, when you have your eyes on a more sophisticated light fixture for your home, you might want to take some thought into your decision. Chandeliers, for one, are an excellent light fixture- these statement additions bring out the wow factor in any space they’re installed; the catch, though, is whether or not they are compatible with your house?

Four factors to consider when buying a chandelier

Chandeliers are by far the most inclusive illumination fixtures available in the market today; while this is a plus on its own, the vast array of styles, types, and shapes to choose from can turn overwhelming. If you’re a chandelier lover like the rest of us, you might want to brace yourself before that trip to the store lest you go overboard. Primarily, chandeliers, like most lighting fixtures, come with specific parameters that ultimately affect how they sit and fit into a space. So, if you were anticipating making your chandelier selection based entirely on visual appeal, you might want to hold onto your horses. Read on for four additional factors to consider before bringing that gorgeous ceiling-hung light fixture home.


What is your endgame? People looking into chandeliers as a lighting option for their homes either want that decorative touch or an accent fixture to complement their primary lighting. Not to say that chandeliers don’t measure up for other functions; however, when you bring them in as a primary light source, they fall more on the dim scale due to their shaded forms and reflective bodies. Ideally, you would have to pair up your chandeliers with other complementary fixtures if you’re going for objective lighting in your space.

Ceiling height

Chandeliers are designed to hang off the ceiling, the highlight in this scenario is, how high? Your ceiling height monitors the distance at which you can hang your chandelier; but, there is no need to fret as modern chandeliers are pretty accommodating. For starters, homes with high ceilings go well with low strung chandeliers, whereas households with low ceilings are more compatible with high-hanging chandeliers. When you have a low-leveled top, you do not want your chandelier to get obstructive; as such, hanging it a distance closer to the ceiling makes more sense.

Space and Size

We can’t stress this enough- it is essential to measure up the chandelier’s size against the available space. Keep in mind chandeliers are prominent fixtures, and while this is a definite eye-catcher, too much can ruin the whole aesthetic balance of your home when you’re working with limited space. Oversized chandeliers can crowd up a small room, consequently being obstructive. Conversely, playing too safe with size when you have a roomy space in your hands diminishes the chandeliers. The key is striking a balance between the space and size or consider going for foolproof practical and moderate-sized chandeliers that blend in just about anywhere.

Maintenance demands

Chandeliers make exquisite lighting pieces, and if you have spent a chunk on them, you’d want them to maintain their grandeur and beauty for years to come. Light fixtures, like most items, tend to age and wear out with use, so a consistent maintenance effort is necessary if you want to preserve their glory, although you shouldn’t let that discourage you. The versatility of these remarkable lighting fixtures means you can find a less demanding structure that does not need constant polishing and treatment, or better yet, hire professional cleaning experts to take the task off your hands. Additionally, we recommend avoiding fabric-shaded chandeliers when you live in a dusty area and equally discourage metallic-formed chandeliers when you live in a humid region to prevent rust.

Bottom line

Nothing beats the disappointment of spending so much on an item only to find out it doesn’t work well in your space. While there’s no denying that shopping for light fixtures can be intimidating, staying open to learning remains an option. Chandeliers are a beauty to marvel at, and they work magic when it comes to complementing a space; the challenge, however, is finding the perfect fit that blends perfectly with your décor and home dimensions. Quite frankly, no one expects you to have all the details worked out when you walk into the store, but having an idea and criteria to finetune the pool of available chandelier options is always a good start. Happy shopping!