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5 Types Of Lights You Should Be Using In Your Home

When we think of home lighting solutions, we converge at one point-functionality. Our attention is automatically channeled to finding that one lighting fixture that’ll cater to all our needs, more like a one-stop-shop. We hate to break it to you, but that’s a far stretched expectation. When it comes to home lighting solutions, factor it three ways; ambiance, task, and accent. Beyond the specific features of each type of lighting fixture lies a unique role played. That said, we’ve rounded up five types of lights fit for your home.

Impressionable Home Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right light fixtures for your home is a daunting task; you don’t want to outline your space too harshly, nor do you want to have an underexposed home. In addition, different spaces have different demands when it comes to home lighting, so what worked for one room might not work for another. The key to exceptional home lighting lies in identifying the end goal of your lighting plan. Here are five fixtures to consider when choosing lights for your home.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ceiling suspended fixtures hanging by a cord, cable, or rod. With the bulbs nestled within their lampshades, pendant fixtures offer unidirectional light casting subtle shadows to the room. You will undoubtedly appreciate the glow of pendant structures as the lights stream remain overhead, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen island. We also can’t help but obsess over the aesthetic touch these lights bring into your space.

Wall sconces

Wall-mounted sconces cut outdoor home lighting fixtures. These simplistic angle-friendly lights are one to love giving you the absolute liberty to uplight or downlight your outdoor space without creating harsh lines or bounce-back. Ordinarily, wall sconces would look amazing in minimalistic homes, especially in front porches and doorsteps; talk of a soft-spoken showstopper. Additionally, wall sconces also make great complimentary light structures diversifying their use- you could layer them up with your bathroom lights or any lights for that, and they’d seamlessly fit right in.


The charm of chandeliers! One could never go wrong with them. These elegant ceiling-hung fixtures are quite the statement piece. Chandeliers come in various shades, sizes, styles, and materials making them a versatile pick for your home. Ideally, chandeliers make great accent lights; their bordered form narrows down their focal point, deeming them unreliable as a primary light source. Regardless, the stun is always worth the hype when it comes to chandeliers; hang these eye-catchers in your entryway or dining room for an effortless spark.

Under Cabinet

If there’s any creation, you’d be utterly grateful for its under cabinet lights. Say goodbye to those “squinting under your kitchen cabinet” days because these pucker-shaped fixtures are the real deal. As the name suggests, undercabinet lights are task-targeted, specifically designed to illuminate those hard-to-see corners of your counters- need we say more? Consider elevating your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry game with these life-saving light additions.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are a must-have in home lighting. Forget the aesthetics and trends for a while and capitalize on task lighting. These floor-placed lighting structures are versatile and convenient, effortlessly blending into any space. Coming in various colors, designs, and sizes, floor lamps would excellently complement any décor and theme. Did we mention they are portable too? Cozy up that nook with warm temperature floor lamps for an upgraded reading experience.

Bottom line

Traditional illumination is no longer a reliable guiding factor when shopping for living space lighting solutions. It would help if you had a lighting fixture that would offer more than basic lighting. Assess your home to come up with the proper light selection for you; factors like space, budget, needs, and preference take a front seat in this. Ideally, if you’re going on a lights craze like we are, you can select a couple of fixtures of your liking and layer them up to get a little bit of everything. Who said you couldn’t have it all?