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Cool Ways To Use Outdoor Lights

S’mores and hot chocolate in the winters, weekend evening barbecues, alfresco dinners on those warm summer nights- this is the beauty of a cozy, illuminated outdoor space. However, when it comes down to achieving that inviting dream house feel you’ve always wanted, you have to pay keen attention to what’s happening on the outside as well. That’s where outdoor lighting ideas come in. Is your outdoor space appealing from dusk to dawn? When you’ve put so much effort into elevating your outdoor look, it’s only fitting to show it off well into the night. So whether you’re looking to glam your backyard for those nightfall social set-ups or want to illuminate that garden pathway, we have just the ideas and inspirations to take your outdoor lighting game to the next level.

Five all-year-round outdoor lighting ideas

The proper lighting can transform a space; you need to think objectively. Are you looking to bring in that after dusk glow, add interest, or create an ambiance? It’s all in the lighting details. If you’re looking for well-rounded lighting ideas that’ll fit right into your outdoor space- be it a fireplace, deck, or an outdoor dining area this might be the ticket for you. We’ve put together five outdoor lights that will have you head over heels.

Complementary pendant lights

Pendant lights are an undeniable element of sophistication, far from the line of ordinary outdoor lighting. If safe isn’t a word in your décor playbook, then bold pendant additions would be perfect for your outdoor space. Explore trio pendant lights hanging over your outdoor dining area for a boho vibe, or adorn your gazebo with striking statement pendant pieces. Pendant fixtures also play well as complementary lights; suspend them off your patio for that extra lighting.

Statement wall lights

Go bold or go home with statement wall lights. Statement wall lights are one to fit right into a minimalistic space; you don’t have to do too much with them; they speak volumes by themselves. Add some bold-colored wall lights to your front door, or throw in those abstract-shaped fixtures to your backyard walls for a remarkably stylish touch. We recommend going even with wall lights, everything looks better when paired up; think twos or fours to add symmetry to your walls.

Whimsical dandelion lights

Enchanted waters and romantic feels- this is the vibe with dandelion lights. If you have a garden pond set up or a dreamy fountain in your front yard, investing in dandelion lights will highlight the aquatic life while adding an enchanting glow to the water beneath. The soft light beams hitting the reflective water surface offer an out of the world sparkle-need we say more?

Cozy festoon lights

We can’t get over the sailor-inspired, laid-back vibes festoon lights bring. Ramp up your deck with a string of festoon lights for a calm relaxing evening outdoors; these lights are tempting. You can create a refreshing cozy ambiance with warm-colored festoon bulbs; better yet, bring out that hammock to the deck-assuredly, those lazy weekend nights will never be the same. The best part? They’re affordable!

Twinkle string lights

Whimsical fairy lights bring out the magical fun and sparkle, and we can’t resist that! Consider going for a set of LED string lights to add some twinkle to your pergola, or hang them off your trees for a glowing canopy in the night. These affordable outdoor light fixtures come in various lovely colors that’ll match any theme. What’s not to love about string lights?

Wrapping up

Most days, we can’t wait to get home and curl into our couches; that’s understandable. However, it doesn’t always have to be so. Fancying up your outdoors is an immediate motivator to spend more time outside hanging on your deck or having a good glass of wine while you finish up that reading in the pagoda. When the ambiance is correct, you will savor every moment spent outside- that’s the power of tactical outdoor lighting. Sculpt your outdoor space into the perfect chill zone with chic lighting ideas for those perfect nights with friends and family. There’s no limit to what you can do with lighting- if you can imagine it, you can make it happen. Happy lounging!