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A Quick Guide to Choosing Lighting Fixtures

Are you buying new lighting fixtures for your home? Not sure which one to buy? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the light fixtures you should put in your house. Check it out!

Types of Lighting You Need

Every light fixture in your home will fall under one of the following categories:
  • General/Ambient: general or ambient lighting refers to the main light in a room. This category includes light fixtures and natural light coming from the windows or skylights.
  • Task Lighting: this refers to light fixtures and lamps that add light to a specific work area. Pendant lights on top of a kitchen island are examples of task lighting.
  • Accent Lighting: this light fixture illuminates specific areas of a room, which can be a dining room table or a piece of artwork. It targets areas with just enough light without overwhelming it.
Some light fixtures can fall into multiple categories. Track lights, for example, can be both ambient and accent lighting. You can add depth to a room by layering multiple types of lighting.

Bulb Types to Consider

Bulbs also come in various forms and purposes. Each of them has distinct pros and cons.
  • Incandescent Bulbs: these bulbs emit warm light, and they’re budget-friendly. Their lifespan is only around 1,000 hours, and they easily heat up.
  • Halogen Bulbs: these bulbs are similar to incandescent bulbs except they emit white light. It also has a lifespan of around 1,000 hours.
  • Fluorescent Bulbs: these bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They’re available in a range of colors can last up to 8,000 or longer hours.
  • LED Bulbs: these bulbs are the most energy-efficient and longest-lasting ones — most of them last for around 25,000 to 50,000 hours. They can also be controlled through apps and come in a rich array of colors.

Factors to Consider

When choosing lighting fixtures, you must consider two crucial factors:

Your Budget

Great lighting fixtures can cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s not wise to spend all your interior design budget on them. As such, it’s wise to decide first on how much you’re willing to spend on lighting fixtures. Compare the types of fixtures you can afford versus the ones you want, and then allocate your funds wisely.

Room Requirements

Different rooms require different types of lighting. Consider the following guidelines:
  • Entryways: floor lamps and entryway chandeliers are great — they provide an inviting atmosphere to your house as guests enter.
  • Living Room: this is a multifunctional area, and your lighting choice should align with your lifestyle and living room design and decor.
  • Dining Room: the lighting fixture you choose should highlight the focal piece of furniture in this room — the dining table. Low-hanging pendant lights or a modern chandelier are perfect.
  • Kitchen: kitchens typically require task lights since you perform various tasks that require adequate lighting in this room.
  • Bedroom: lighting fixtures in a bedroom should induce feelings of relaxation and peacefulness. Lamps are a must, and consider using a dimmer switch for the task and ambient lights you may have in this room.
  • Bathroom: since this room is also task-focused, task lights are a must. Carefully chosen accent lights are also great for resting a nice vibe in this room.