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How to Design Your Own Stylish Backyard

If there’s anything we’ve learned throughout the Covid era, it is that we need to pay more attention to our living spaces. Frankly, staying home hasn’t been all bad, except for when we had to explain to our kids why we couldn’t drive them to the park. Or perhaps those fleeting moments when our make-shift home offices felt a little suffocating- we’ve all been there. Ironically though, our homes don’t have to be a space we can’t wait to leave; if anything, they should be the ultimate sanctuary. What am I saying? All those memorable places and cozy hangs we chase after so hard can be emulated into our very homes. Before you freak out, we’re not trying to turn you into a homebody; we’re simply looking to redefine those mundane outdoor spaces into inviting chic escapes you cannot wait to come home to.

Five ways to transform your backyard

When buying and designing our homes, we tend to pay much attention to the indoor details- the furniture, the décor, color schemes, et cetera. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s essential to understand that indoor spaces are often limited to functionality. What’s more, that’s not where first impressions are made; guests will draw the initial feel of your home from what they see outside. The bare backyard you’re overlooking might be the thing to add a little oomph to your property. Ahead are four ideas to give you the inspirational nudge to transform your backyard into the ideal space.

Lay your Landscaping

Landscaping is the ultimate game-changer for outdoor spaces. Let’s face it- who wouldn’t appreciate fresh air with some green action to go with it? Introduce a touch of lush greenery into your backyard to complement the area; this is also one way to lay the foundation for whatever vision you have for your backyard. We vouch for starting small when landscaping to avoid overwhelming the space and then building your way to some bold and enchanting ideas like hedge silhouettes and blooming gardens.

Splurge on the fun

Think of the catchiest backyard space you’ve ever come across. Did it have a swimming pool? Was it designed with a skater ramp? Perhaps it was the good old trampoline that caught your eye? Fun elements like swings, pool tables, tree houses, and garden mazes bring the party outside. When revamping your backyard, you’d want to invest in at least one fun element that’ll trigger light play. Tip- reach out to your childhood memories for some inspiration.

Light it up

Whimsical sundown lighting, perspective creation, and ambient lighting- oh, the things you can do with lights. We like to bank on outdoor lighting fixtures to pack some zhuzh to any backyard space regardless of style and taste. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve put so much thought into designing my backyard, I’m sure I’d want to show it off at night. Make a point of shopping around for the perfect outdoor lights to complement your backyard, from draping magical fairy lights for your pergola to bollard fixtures to line your garden pathway and underwater pool lights. Whatever you do, let your creativity take the lead on this one.

Bring the indoors out.

Functionality always wins, but who doesn’t love to break the rules? Push those limits by making your backyard multipurpose; set up an outdoor dining scene, a backyard office, or a fun outdoor theater. Measure up your space and make it work for you by bringing those indoor elements outdoors. We advise gauging what additions would best fit into your space seamlessly before getting to work. Perhaps an outhouse is that one thing you never knew you needed.

Summing up

It’s not every day we want to leave our house; there are days when a cozy lounge with some fresh air and sun is all we need. Undoubtedly, outdoor spaces bring that balance back into our lives; when tastefully furnished and decorated, these areas can transform into anything imaginable. Ideally, backyards are the most versatile spaces in our properties, taking shape as entertainment areas for family and friends while equally shifting into the ultimate getaway for those chilled-out solo hangs. So, why limit that outdoor area to a junk space when you could turn it into an excellent barbecue spot with a herb garden? All it takes is a little inspiration, and you’ve got us for that.