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Best Lighting For Applying Makeup

Do you ever have those days where you look in the mirror after doing your hair and makeup and you just know that your social media deserves a selfie? It’s so disappointing to find later in the day that you had a giant zit in between your eyebrows or an orange streak of foundation under your chin. No need to fear, your makeup skills are not the problem — it’s your bathroom lighting! Here are the worst enemies to flawless makeup application: Fluorescent Lighting: Don’t worry, it’s not just you! Nobody looks good in fluorescent lighting. The cool white light is often too bright and can lead you to think that you need way more foundation, bronzer, or blush than is really needed. Yellow Light: No matter how many hours of sleep you get at night, you will always look sick and tired in yellow light. This may or may not cause you to overdo the concealer in attempt to neutralize your face and hide dark spots. Rosy Light: Although you may feel like you have a vibrant and healthy complexion in rosy light, you may want to take a second look. Because our appearance looks so radiant, this light may cause you to slack on the concealer and later notice that you missed a spot. So, if flourescent, yellow, and rosy lighting are terrible for applying makeup, what is the best option? Natural Light: Naturally, natural sunlight is going to provide the most accurate reflection of your face makeup. The light needs to be diffused evenly so there are no shadows highlighting your face. When applying your makeup in the morning, try finding a window and looking straight into the light rather than allowing it to hit one angle of your face. LED Lighting: When it comes to applying your makeup like a boss, next to natural light, LED is the best bathroom lighting source you can have. The reason why LED lighting is superior to the rest is because it closely resembles the color spectrum of natural light. The great thing about LED is that it will evenly distribute light across your entire face. Here are our favorite VONN Lighting bathroom LED lights! image02 This bathroom vanity light is perfect to place right above the mirror. The light will reflect from the mirror and will get rid of any shadows that haunt those dark circles under your eyes. image00 We love this low-profile bath bar because it has light radiating from both the top and bottom. The light coming from the top will reflect off of the ceiling and give the room a nice even balance of light. image01 The block architecture of the Procyon bathroom light will give both your bathroom and your face a makeover. This fixture fills the bathroom with the perfect balance of light to make sure you’re not overdoing it on the bronzer!