TUNABLE WHITE LED Tunable-White lighting is the newest and most exciting trends in residential as well as commercial lighting. While LEDs are now widely recognized as emerging light sources for general illumination, it appears that LED can also enable a broad range of life-science-centric applications. Recent studies have shown that LED lighting technology can enhance our health, serve in rehabilitative therapy, and enable diagnosis of critical life -threatening conditions. Tunable White Standard LED color-mixing uses red, green and blue channels that are adjusted to deliver the entire range of the color spectrum. Tunable-White works in the similar way, using of a number of controllable channels to adjust the color temperature, known as Kelvin Temperature of the luminaire’s white light output. The channels in a Tunable-White system all produce white light, but with varying color temperatures, from a warm tone to a cool tone (Warm 1000K – Cold 10,000K) Inevitably, there are levels of sophistication involved in tunable-white systems and it’s vital that the specifier as well as the end consumer understand the technology so that delivered products will meet their expectations. Multi-chip versions do the mixing at chip level More products are using multi-chips LED engines, where tiny LED chips are combined into the same module. This means that the color mixing occurs as the light leaves the module. Their very small size means that Tunable-White products can be made much smaller, so we’re starting to see downlights using the technology as well as linear systems. Chip on Board, referred to as COBs, are also used widely, as technology continues to advance. While COBs are yet to produce significant lumens output, they are now commonly used for smaller fixtures, as the absence of the driver helps to preserve the aesthetic look. Tunable White LED color range There is one aspect of Tunable-Whites that the consumer needs to take into consideration, it’s the color temperature range options. While some systems offer a wide natural range that ranges from warm candlelight to cold daylight, there are other systems with a much smaller range, from 2800K to 6000K, which are often considered as a decorative lighting option. Smart controls The simplest systems use manual control to alter the white outputs. Standard operations are done through the wall dimmer, where new innovations offer controls via hand-held remote control or a smart phone apps / wifi. Such controls enable you to adjust the color temperature of the light as well as dimming options of the entire fixture, or per individual tier, where multiple tier fixtures are selected. https://www.vonn.com/series/vision/ Residential / Commercial / Hospitality VONN offers exceptional LED lighting creations, representing a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision. We are proud to present you with a wide range of Residential, Commercial and Hospitality LED lighting products. Such diversification is a major contributor to VONN’s exponential growth, with Technological advancements playing the lead role. Our commitment to form, technology, and precision defines our brand; we love what we do and we deeply value our leadership position within lighting industry. VONN System Integration / Technology:VONN System Integration / Technology: – Tunable White – range 2800 – 6000 Kelvin Temperature Control – Custom 120v – 277v, 0-10 dimming – Crescent, Legrand, Control4, Amazon Alexa Control System Integrations – Wi-Fi, Smart / Remote Control Operations / Dimming VONN’s projects include but not limited to major Hotel chains, Hospitals, Universities, City Public and Private Schools, Law Firms, Banks, Airport Lounges, Restaurants and Bars, Night Clubs, Casinos, Residential and Commercial Developments and more…….