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Best Places to Install Wall Lights

Lighting is essential for every home to illuminate and increase its overall aesthetics. And one of the most popular light fixtures is wall lights. 

Wall light fixtures can serve a variety of purposes. From giving more illumination to compensate for the lack of reach of overhead lights to adding another layer of light to create a decorative effect or highlight certain features of your house, wall lights are as flexible as they can be. So if you plan to install some in your home, here are the best places to install them.

Hallways and Staircases 

You’ll typically see large light fixtures like chandeliers in hallways and staircases. But as big and elegant as they are, sometimes they can’t reach every corner, which can be a problem. You wouldn’t want anyone to fall because they tripped on the stairs.

So adding some wall lights should ensure that you and anyone else can see where they are going.


Another place where lighting is a must is in your bathroom. But overheard structures may not be enough, even for small bathrooms. For example, if you look at your mirror in your bathroom, you’ll notice that your image is different than when you look at your reflection outside natural light. And that’s because ceiling lights can cast a shadow, making your image appear darker. This makes you miss blemishes on your clothes or put on the wrong shade of makeup.

If so, some wall lights besides your mirror should resolve such issues by giving soft ambient light to your face and clothes. This will ensure that you’ll look your best once you get out of your bathroom.


Another common place where you’ll find wall lights is at your bedside. Ceiling lights can be too bright, which can be annoying, especially if you wake up at night to go to the bathroom or want to drink a glass of water. But the wall lights aren’t. They are also great for giving you some light when you are reading your book on your bed.

Living Rooms and Fireplaces

If you have dark corners in your room, you can use wall lights to illuminate them. And add more layers of flattering indirect light.

You can also use wall lights to highlight architectural features or unique decors in your living room. For example, you can place wall light on either side of your fireplace to provide accent lighting.


Entryways will typically have a primary light source like pendant or chandeliers. Some will even put a large window in the front door to take advantage of natural light. But if you want to elevate your entryway even more, placing some wall lights on these spaces can make it warmer and cozy, making anyone who enters your house feel welcome. It can also make your house safer by illuminating your outdoor space.


Wall lights are the best light fixture to install in your house because of their flexibility, illuminating your home. While also making it more aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, not everyone is a designer. So it would be best to share this article to help anyone decide where to place their wall lights in their homes.