How to Take Care of Your Pendant Lights

Pendant lights have been a go-to choice for people who want to add a modern touch to their homes. With all the technological advancements, you can choose different styles for your pendant lights - plastic, metal, ceramic, crystal, or glass. Popular models such as mini pendant lights, cluster pendants, pendant chandeliers, and inverted lamps are also available for lighting enthusiasts. 

However, one struggle that people have with installing pendant lights inside their homes is maintaining these lights to be clean and functioning for a longer time. These specific types of lights make it faster to collect dust and grime than other standard lights. If you wish to be on top of your lighting maintenance, here are some valuable tips to help you keep your lights shiny, squeaky clean, and long-lasting:

Make cleaning your lights a regular thing.

Suppose you want to preserve the brightness and energy efficiency of your pendant lighting. In that case, regular cleaning and maintenance are advised so you can prevent excess debris from building up in the nooks, crevices, and surfaces of your lights. The cleaning process would only take a few minutes of your day and should be part of your cleaning routine, along with cleaning the other parts of your house.

Remember to turn off the lights before cleaning.

First and foremost, for your safety, you should never forget to turn the lights off before cleaning. It would be inevitable that you will touch the light bulbs of your pendant lighting set, and you wouldn't want to have any burns from having contact with a hot bulb. It is also recommended to wait for a short while before wiping the surface and removing the light bulb, so cleaning can be much more efficient and faster.

Replace faulty components.

It is unavoidable that some parts of your lights may wear out or become bent or dented over time. You must check that each part of your light is fully functional - from the wiring to the light bulb itself. You should replace components not working well before you put your light fixture back up. This way, you may prevent accidents caused by faulty wiring or avoid sudden blackouts because of a busted light bulb. 

Handle each component with care.

Handling lights, in general, should be done with caution and care as most lights are made of fragile material such as glass or crystal. When cleaning, these materials are prone to scratches or breakage, even with light strokes. Hence, it is advisable to use soft cloths such as microfiber wipes and a glass cleaner to preserve your light fixture’s surface.

Perform deep cleaning annually.

Although you clean your pendant lights regularly, your routine may only afford you a short time to go through the surface areas of your light fixture. You might miss out on some long-staying stains and smudges that have accumulated over time that you missed inspecting. Hence, you may conduct a deep-cleaning session to ensure that your fixtures are squeaky clean inside out. 


Although the cleaning process for pendant lighting is simple, regular and occasional deep cleaning must be on top of your priority list regarding maintenance of your household areas. Pendant lights are great additions to any space, and with the proper care and maintenance, these may continue to bring light and warmth to your home for a long time.