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Cartel Contemporary LED Lighting Project

With lighting being the main factor in the look and feel of a space, our goal was to give meaningful change to the layout and highlight the architectural details of the room. Large spaces, such as multi-purpose rooms, require more attention to details and good lighting. For this project, it was very important to maintain versatile functionality while also being creative. With such a large space, we wanted to properly distribute our lighting so no matter what the space was used for, lighting would always be constant and functional. LED Lighting has a lifespan almost twenty times more than conventional lighting. Giving this space a cutting-edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of the long-lasting quality, design and functionality of the lights. Some architectural features that we wanted to pay close attention to was “how the space is perceived from the outside”. It has large windows which allow for natural light to come in, our lighting is meant to complement the atmosphere created by natural light while also providing a visual impact from the outside. With a space that will host social events, our goal was to create a space that is pleasant and encourages social interactions. Proper color rendering index is crucial for this space since it will cater a wide range of events. Below you’ll find the VLLS-C Series, used to create this amazing project.