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Why Should You Buy an LED Chandelier for Your Home?

Chandeliers can be a wonderful addition to your house, especially if you want to add more luxury to it. But, there can be a lot in the market these days, and you might have a hard time choosing the right one for your home. To narrow down that list, why not filter your options to only LED chandeliers, the best type of chandeliers in the market. In recent years, LED has dominated the light market, but you might be thinking, is it the best option for chandeliers, and if it is, why should you buy an LED chandelier for your home?

LED lights have a long life span

A common mistake that people tend to make when buying certain products is thinking that cheaper items will always be a money-saver. But, unfortunately, that is not always true when it comes to light bulbs. While it is true that incandescent light bulbs are cheaper, the benefits of using LED bulbs outweigh its much higher price. Why? Well, because of the heat sinking technology they have (meaning they can operate at a lower temperature) and parts that won’t burn out or break over time, LED lights can easily outlast incandescent bulbs. Your LED lights may even last for two decades with average use than incandescent bulbs that will sometimes only last for two years.

LED lights use less energy

As you may know, chandeliers can use a lot of energy because of the number of light bulbs they use. So it would be best that you use lights that use less energy, right? That is why LED lights would be your best option. In a nutshell, LED technology lets them convert 95% of the energy they use into light which, unlike incandescent bulbs, only 10% is converted, with the remaining 90% wasted as heat. This means a lower wattage LED light can produce the same amount of light compared to a higher wattage incandescent bulb. And so if you use fewer watts, you are using less energy.

LED lights have different temperature colors

When it comes to chandeliers, ideally, you want to choose the proper color of light so it can complement the room it’s hanging on. So if you like to have a large option of different temperature colors, then LED chandeliers are what you want. Light bulbs have what is called a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), which corresponds with the Kelvin Temperature Scale. To put it simply, the lower the Kelvin temperature, the more yellow and warmer your light. The higher the Kelvin, the bluer and cooler your light. Since LED lights are sturdier, they are more resistant to a wider range of temperatures, meaning more color temperatures for you to choose from.

LED lights are safer

Many may argue that a much cheaper light bulb than LED lights are compact fluorescent lights (CFL) since they are also energy-efficient. But the problem is that some CFLs can contain about four milligrams of mercury. This may not sound a lot, and you most likely will not get exposed, but the possibility of light bulb dropping and breaking can still happen. And as you know, mercury is dangerous. So if you want to avoid mercury poisoning as much as possible, LED lights are your best option.


So, if you are looking for the best type of chandelier to hang in your house, LED chandeliers are your best bet. Though they may be expensive, the benefits you get outweigh their price. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, your chandelier is sure to last for decades with your electrical bills not going that high.