Choosing the Best Lights for Your Walls

When people think about wall lights, the first thing that comes into their mind is decorative wall sconces that provide little illumination. But because of modern innovation, you can now use wall lights for general lighting and safety. You can also use wall light fixtures for layered lighting to add beauty to your interior. But before you install some wall lights in your home, it’s essential to learn what types are out there if you want to install the best one.

The Common Type of Wall Lights

Choosing the best wall lights means choosing the one that best fits your vision. So to narrow down your list, below are the common types of wall lights you’ll most likely encounter in the market.

Up Light and Down Light Scones

Almost every wall light will have these designs or a variation of them.

Down Light Scones

As you may have guessed, downlight scones provide light coming from the light fixture directly to the ground or floor. Lights channeled downwards can help create an inviting and warm environment. Down light scones are typically used in large rooms to make them more intimate.

Up Light Scones

If you want something bright, opt for up-light scones instead. Since its light is facing upwards toward the ceiling, light is then reflected into multiple surfaces or angles, making a room brighter and larger. So they’re perfect for small rooms or those that need more ambient light.

Up and Down Scones

This light fixture combines the previous two, giving the same amount of light in both directions, meaning you can install it in any setting or event, inside or out.

Candle Sconces

If you want something classic or historical, choose candle sconces. But remember, since candle sconces are like real candles, they’ll only produce a small amount of light. So it’s not a good idea to use them for general lighting. But they are perfect for mood lighting.

Lantern Wall Sconces

This light fixture resembles the hand-held lanterns of the old world, bringing a unique design and eclectic flair to your house. But, people typically use them in outdoor lighting because of their functional design. Lantern wall sconces are durable. And with the array of styles available in the market, you can find something that will fit your vision.


Wallchieres have a striking resemblance to free-standing lamps, giving you the decorative elements of wall scones and the lighting benefits of floor lamps. It also has various styles, making even the most barren room have a personality. People typically use wallchieres indoors, but you can also use them outside your house. But remember to use an open-top wallchiere since they can’t accumulate leaves and debris which are difficult to clean.


The best wall lights are those that can capture your vision. So it would be best to do your research before you purchase one for your home. If you know anyone planning to install wall lights in their home, share this article to let them know about the common wall light fixtures in the market.