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Benefits of installing downlights

With the market’s booming demand for illumination fixtures that bring more to the table, the lighting industry has exponentially grown in popularity. What was once perceived to be a simple means to an end is now embraced as a décor statement, an ambient element, and a go-green campaign as lighting experts mesh in new designs and technologies to upgrade the lighting game. Today, we have over 15 lighting fixtures that meet more than their ordinary functionality role; this progression has changed many peoples’ perspectives on lighting. In a world where we strive to make the most of our space, the lighting revolution comes in handy, seeing that we meet more than our visibility needs.

Downlights and five reasons why you need them

In a pool of variety, downlights stand out as an impressive fixture option for home and commercial lighting solutions. You’re probably thinking, “Meh, what’s so extraordinary about down-angled lighting structures.” Although they are your typical angled lights, there’s much more to them. For most, the visual effect of downlighting will always be a highlight; however, what many don’t know is that downlights have about ten more benefits, and they’re all far from the creation of zones- yes, you read that right. Read on for five downlights benefits you never knew you needed.


We envision towering obstructive fixtures crowding our spaces when we think of lighting solutions. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Downlighting is one of the few minimalistic illumination options in the market that make a statement without taking too much space. Whether you choose to install them on your ceiling or hang them off your walls, downlights are fixtures practically designed to take up minimal space while still maintaining their appeal and playing their primary function- lighting. We recommend downlights for minimalists looking for bright lighting without compromising their space; these fixtures are also ideal for small spaces like kitchens and laundry rooms.


Talk of versatility! Downlighting is multifunctional, conveniently alternating from statement pieces to accent fixtures and ambient lights. You can opt to have your downlights installed in colored bulbs to introduce that moody vibe into your space; alternatively, you can go bold and choose a catchy downlight fixture, so it stands out on your walls. Downlights are also exceptionally versatile as they come in a wide range of styles and designs that would match any space and taste. You can always count on downlights to indicate whether you install them in your front yard or office space. Pro tip- Go for downlights with a dimmable remote feature to maximize your ambient lighting experience.


If the thought of having to change your light bulbs now and again irks you, we have just the thing for you- downlights. Unlike most lighting fixtures, downlights are designed with the newest powder technology bulbs that are corrosion-resistant; this means you can have them installed indoors and outdoors regardless of the climate. The bulb technology, coupled with its minimalistic nature, also ensures your bulb’s lifetime. The lights are strategically placed in your ceiling and walls preventing any accidental slips and interference as you work around them.

Energy saving

Downlights are synonymous with LED bulbs which makes them an energy-efficient option. LED lights are popular for their low energy consumption, beating incandescent and halogen bulbs’ power by over 75% – this low voltage considerably cuts back on your electric bills. Downlights also come in a dimmable option, and contrary to what you’d expect, this feature of LED downlights does not compromise the light quality you’ll be getting. What’s more, the minimized voltage increases their electrical safety; it’s a win-win situation.

Environmental friendly

For starters, LED downlights tend to steer clear of any hazardous solids, liquids, and gasses that are common with most types of bulbs; the absence of mercury and tungsten makes them an ideal choice for your household, especially indoor plants, as they emit a cold LED lights that’s considered safe. Down-angled lights are also typically unidirectional fixtures preventing light pollution that’s often tied to traditional forms of lighting, consequently lowering your carbon footprint by a third. Going with LED downlights means choosing a recyclable, pollutant- and toxic-free lighting option.

Wrapping up

Downlights are the ideal lighting option; these fixtures meet multiple lighting demands while maintaining an aesthetic, affordability, and effortless maintenance factor. Investing in downlights signs you up for numerous benefits redeemable to any space, lifestyle, and theme. There’s no need to feel restricted because you’re hunting downlighting solutions for your business space; consider downlights as they’d seamlessly fit into your storefront as they would in your home. We don’t know about you, but downlights sure sound like the ultimate lighting choice to us; all that in one fixture? Sign us up.