Choosing The Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Business

When we’re launching our businesses or looking to give our commercial premises a facelift, we tend to pay keen attention to the interior detail, which makes perfect sense. Of course, you’d invest in the indoor aspects; that’s ultimately what the client gets to see. But here’s a scenario for you; you’re driving through a street trying to locate a boutique or coffee shop, and you can’t seem to spot it, even though you’ve been up and down that block umpteen times, and Google maps swears you’re in the right place. Frustrating, right? We sometimes go around in circles only to find out what we’ve been looking for was right under our noses. On other days, we trip and have a bad fall when all we were trying to do was get into the convenience store. Such is the pain of poor exterior lighting.

Four tips for choosing your commercial outdoor lighting

There’s no denying that outdoor lighting is an integral element of any space; how you light up your exterior can do as little as improve visibility and enhance the feel of the stretch. However, this might feel like an aesthetic selling point for most business owners. Still, we can’t help but credit how positively good lighting schemes impact your businesses, from beefing up security to enhancing visibility and even influencing the ambiance. The trick is bagging the proper lighting fit for you and your business. Still confused? We’ve scoured thousands of professional tips and hacks to develop the ultimate guide to purchasing the best outdoor LED lighting for your business.


Okay, if you’ve been in the market for lighting fixtures, you know illumination functions go three ways- task, accent, and ambient lighting. Lighting is utilized to play one if not three of the mentioned roles; the first step is figuring out your end goal. What do you want to achieve with your outdoor lighting? Do you want to draw attention to your business’s signage? Are you trying to make that parking lot more secure? Or are you simply looking to tune into some ambient nightfall vibes for your outdoor seating? Understanding your exterior lighting needs narrows your options down to a suitable few.


There are about fifteen different styles of lighting fixtures in the market today, so you bet you’ll be in for a rollercoaster if you don’t know what you want. Take the time to learn the available lighting fixtures and their features to get an idea of what you’ll be working with. We suggest having a defined theme for your business, say, contemporary or modern minimalist; this will provide a framework for choosing your lighting fixture. For instance, you can opt for a Sputnik LED chandelier to match your modern rustic exterior. Whatever your approach to exterior lighting fixtures, ensure the style you go for is fluid with your store’s theme.


Lighting fixtures come in various shapes and sizes, and this is where most people go wrong. You can’t just buy an illumination fixture based on aesthetics; you need to assess if it’s in scale and proportional to the designated area. Spending so much on that gorgeous pendant light would be disappointing when you keep bumping your head against it because it hangs too low. So make sure you consult with your vendor on the exact measurements of the fixture before making any decisions. Tip- Keep in mind that less is always more.


Find out the demands of the fixture you have your eyes on before making any significant decisions; this point is critical. Start by working out your lighting budget and figuring out how they’ll be powered to make an informed choice; for instance, electrical and solar-powered lights have different maintenance needs. Ensure you carry out your research and consult with your manufacturer for an expert’s perspective so that you’re aware of the commitment you’re getting yourself into- details like bulb durability should also be worked out. Finally, please find out the aftercare routine for your illumination fixture. Make sure it matches your lifestyle and budget rather than going on an impulsive splurge only to get frustrated.

Bottom line.

Sure, a lot more goes into choosing a lighting fixture, from the pros and cons to installation ease and guarantees; however, it’s essential to take note of the major highlights. The tips mentioned above might not be exclusive, but they’re a great breakdown of the must-know details that’ll help you navigate the pool of available options. Of course, we still vouch for critical personal research to guarantee exceptionally customized results, but all in all, choosing illumination fixtures shouldn’t be as intimidating as most would anticipate it to be. You’re ready to go with these tips and tricks up your sleeves!